Monday, November 7, 2011

Those Nasty, Un-Holy Differences Sucked Both Groups Into Stupid

Over the course of the last several years I am finding a constant when talking about Jews with fellow Christians and talking with Jews about Christianity. With Christians a three fold, 2000 year old lie follows most thinking concerning the Jews namely, they are under the law, that they don't believe in the Messiah and that they killed Jesus. Most Christians have never been in a Synagogue therefore what many of us believe is handed down based on denominational influences, based on New Testament theology. Most of Christianity is based solely on Replacement the Jews in doctrine. Christians hate it when I say this sort of thing but it is absolutely true. The ideal that the Gentile church was created because of the failure of the Jews is this doctrine.

On the flip side, most Jews believe that all Christians are Catholic in how we interpret the Bible. They think we are nuts to believe in Jesus Christ (as opposed to Yeshua a Jew, and most have never read the New Testament (which by its very name is disparaging to believing Jews.) The Jews look upon Christianity as the very thing that causes the blood of millions of their family members to cry out of the earth to this day. They have no choice really, its true!

What is amazing to me is that the two people groups who believe in the Patriarchs, namely Abraham, Issac and Jacob and who believe that the blessing was given to Isaac and not Ishmael have the worst understanding of one another.

How the Jews teach the scriptures is they cannot see the Messiah's first coming is extraordinary to me personally...completely supernatural and or by design.

How the Christians do not understand the LAW/TORAH is also astounding to me. Even more astounding is how Christianity disassociated itself from our Jewish teachers hence a New Testament from a non Jewish perspective.  How bizarre is that? What this is expressing to the Jewish disciples is that the gentiles have the new, correct understanding of the bible. The Jews call the New Testament the Christian bible and they equate it to the 2nd book of Mormon or worse, (In my opinion, the POPE!)

Even more amazing is how the Jews teach the Scriptures verses how the Christians teach the Scriptures. The Orthodox Jews do not teach the Messiah's first coming and Christianity is clueless about the cyclical, patterns and themes that present Israel and the promises made to Israel. The Christian sees the Church as the catalyst to God's plan while the Jews see Israel as the catalyst. (I now side with the Bible, its all about the restoration of Israel)

From the time that YEHOVAH revealed to me what he is doing...I have come to appreciate how the Jews teach the scriptures a kazillion times more so than Christianity. Nevertheless, how the Christians teach about the birth, life death and resurrection of the Messiah I absolutely appreciate. [What I do not appreciate is how the Churches changed him from a Jew to a Gentile.] I had never before heard a Christian Pastor teach that Jesus kept the Festivals, the Sabbath and TORAH...(After all, He is TORAH. How could he do something contrary to who and what he is)

Now, I am watching Christians return to how the Jews have taught the Bible for centuries. I am watching and HEARING believing Jews say to me, "What is happening with Christians is a miracle." I am witnessing bridges being built between Jew and Christian, globally. Albeit, a certain arrogance continues to be a fundamental characteristic of Jewish teachers. It may be fear actually, I am not yet certain. The arrogance in Christianity is based on ignorance to the Jewish people and their mandate...of this I am absolutely clear.

I think that ultimately humility must be exercised as all of us witness what the prophets told us would occur in such a time as we live today.....

Regardless of what we have failed to support through the centuries a very Jewish Messiah is soon to appear on this earth as King......Of this I am certain both people groups agree.

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