Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rochester, New York [Another Dream?]

I am asking the Father to confirm a thing, will you pray about it also;

I dreamed that I was in my home town of Rochester, N.Y. I was walking down Magnolia Street just off Plymouth avenue. As children, my siblings and I would take this route to school everyday. We all walked at one time or another to Public School number 19. In my dream a church was on the corner of Magnolia and Plymouth, a black church. The building was familiar but the church now occupying it was odd. I walked the 1st block to Elba Street which was a right hand turn. I can see this neighborhood as clear as I see this keyboard.

I began to engage the kids who were around. I shared with them that I grew up on this street a bit further down. As I spoke to them I began to name the families that used to live in certain homes 36 years ago. The number of kids that were following me increased. I asked one young man, a teen how the neighborhood was. He solemnly said, "Its not safe here!"

Upon hearing his words my heart sank. Not because of his fears but because they did not know the joy that was busting in every second of my existence. I have been this way from the moment that our precious Heavenly Father showed to me who and why he created Israel. I wanted them to know this...... I wanted them to know what the church up around the corner did not know.

I awoke this morning asking our Father if he was in this dream. I thought, Father, I would go to Rochester and would he send me? I would go but I would want to go with Rico Cortes, Arthur Bailey, Dr Karen Allen, Tony Robinson, Dr. William McDonald, Brad Scott, Bill Cloud, Mark Biltz, Keith Johnson, Pastor Jason Swofford, Valerie Moody, Laurie Cordoza Moore and Art Palecek. Of course, I would also share a thing or too as well. I would go and can I sponsor a conference at Bethel Christian Fellowship, a conference called Black to Bresheit. Father, could I then go to Buffalo, Syracuse and Albany too? Actually Abba, who would you send....I had so many questions to have answered from one little, tiny, dream!

Well, if he is in this dream and if a variety of confluences were actually just that...It will happen.

I have peace insofar as...I will let him lead me back to those kids 36 years later in my hometown of Rochester, N.Y. if he chooses to direct what must happen in order to make it so. If this dream was his doing he will let me know.

Oh well, if for no other reason I love to dream about my Abba's heart when it comes to His kids.

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