Monday, November 14, 2011

A recommendation "BRAIN FOOD!"

This could quite easily be a very antagonistic, demeaning post. I will temper my feelings a bit.

Within the American culture we have become so reticent in how we do just about everything. Within many black communities for example, far too many folks won't read or seek out a matter in order for clarity, or to learn. Far be it for me to address such a thing as innuendo or supposition, it's the damned truth!

I see teenage boys [for those of you who look for minutia, not all teenage boys, duh!] with their draws wrapped around their knees while the brain inside their head atrophies. These kids are being raised stupid!
The girls are no different, [some of the girls that is.] I was standing in line at a Taco Bell restaurant one day when a group of young black girls came into the restaurant. They happened to be standing behind a senior couple, a black couple. One of the girls was cussing an acting like a fool. Her language was atrocious. I could see that Grandma was annoyed. [We need our grandma's back.] Shortly thereafter, Grandma spun this child around and slapped her across the mouth. It was the slap that everyone saw; we all heard it too!

I see white kids emulating stupid also. It seems to me that we are raising the Jerry Springer audience in America, these folks are everywhere! They eventually grow up to be those kids standing in line to speak at an "I hate Israel protest or "Free Palestine rally" These kids, now young adults are beyond stupid. They repeat lie after lie with an emotional serenade as though they were full of wisdom and grace. This is truth to them ONLY because they "Heard it somewhere." The fact is, they are as clueless as is Snoop Doggie Dog, and Jane Fonda.

These are also the kids who now "OCCUPY" stupid, across the globe as denoted on every news outlet promoting them. Many of these kids now sit behind these very news desks as well.

In my opinion, the following folks changed the entire scope of Biblical truth.....Keep your families free of their influence. Godless, is the best way to describe these people teaching at university [I don't have the time or space to name all of them. So, I will just toss a few that come to mind instantly] Learn who they really are, it will shock "Stupid" right out of your mind

Henry Ford, Margaret Sanger Jane Fonda, Bella Abzug, Angela Davis, Maxine Waters, Danny Glover
Bill Ayers,
[For the black CHILD who regularly visists Planned Parent Hood]
Planned Parent Hood was created to exterminate your race, DUH!

I remember watching a particular, "Rapper" who calls himself, Eminem. He was rapping  about how hard the ghetto is and the difficulty of being alive. He then went on to say how he had moved away from drugs [Bravo] What was annoying to me is that he was speaking about a portion of life that he exists in, hence his artistry?   I kept wondering why he insisted on living, writing, & performing his entire life in a vacuum. Their is so much more to life than calling women bitches and "Ho's". This young man represents "Unholy" while earning millions of Babylonian QUID. He curses almost all of us with lyrics? [They all do because they don't know TRUTH, Biblical Truth!]

So, I am at a rally several months ago. A rally to ban Israeli products by a group in Olympia, Washington. Here I am listening to the most idiotic, whinny, cavalcade of nonsense you can imagine. One person stood up and said, "America must give back the land to the Indians!" I wanted to launch her head into the pavement, thinking I could jar loose her brain from, "Stupid" I watch these mindless drones who live and die based on dysfunction and emotional ignorance knowing that the God of Israel loves them too. It is like watching pain, HIS pain on display through his kids.

In summary, and why I am writing this:
If their be among you a few who elected not to camp out for yet another installment of that ridiculous vampire, love story other wise known as, "TWILIGHT" perhaps you might want to know a bit of truth!

I would like to present three books that will accommodate you. I am of course addressing the fool who does not want to remain foolish. You can order them from this website click here
You can also order his work on Amazon. I hope that you do.

If it is a thought within your head to find out what God is doing in his planet and if you wish to know what the truth is concerning the historical attempt to kill his people...READ THESE THREE BOOKS! They will return you to the light! I have profound respect for Victor Sharpe. I know him personally, I know his heart and I know his tireless effort to bring truth into a distorted, discussion. A discussion that lacks truth as its main component...

Finally, how many of you black folks, church going people are raising a child who does not know how to use a belt? Shame on you!

A special request of Eminem: Please young man, rap on your brain, jump start the mind, It truly is a terrible thing to waste. Read the books bro....they will change how your beat sounds!

Hey Snoop Doggie Dog [Good Grief] Why don't you rap about these folks?

Please, learn the truth! 
The Messiah is coming to protect Israel and those who honor the God of Abraham. He will set up the throne of David in Jerusalem

John 7:42 “Has not the scripture said that The Messiah is coming from the seed of David and from Bethlehem, the village of David?”

Micah 5:2 "But you, Bethlehem Ephratah, though you be little among the thousands of Judah, yet out of you shall he come forth to me that is to be ruler in Israel; whose goings forth have been from of old, from everlasting."

2 Samuel 7:13 "He shall build an house for my name, and I will establish the throne of his kingdom forever."

Faithful Father, I lift up a prayer before you asking that you envelop your kids with truth..set us apart from the world system that lies repeatedly, over and over again to those who you love, 

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