Thursday, November 17, 2011

Note to the Jews who believe.....

I watched a learned Jewish man for the first time since I have been building relationships within the Jewish communities acknowledge his arrogance towards any Christian/Gentile who happens to know a bit about Hashem's scriptures. It was a pleasant reminder to me personally that Jewish people must return as well

Abba, Father is doing something across the spectrum between Jews and Christians. To not see this is just as awful as was everything else that our Jewish brethren missed concerning keeping the commandments and obeying the ordinances of Hashem...

Granted, what the Catholic Church taught the Gentiles is responsible for untold horror. The Catholic Church did not exist in the desert with Moses (Moshe)...but Amalek did. It is this spirit that is against all of us.

We are in this together......through all the death and injustice, we are all on one globe waiting for one God, Mochiach. The Christian arrogance and the Jewish arrogance is serving none of us.

The EPIC battle is ahead of us....the one that we have waged against ourselves
The understanding, the proper understanding is as well.....

Thank you for sharing Torah, and Besorah with the nations......And may God bless every Christian who get's it!
Now let us not miss the next great movement of the Elohim of Creation.

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