Monday, November 21, 2011

A note to inner city Pastors, Ministers and Bishops

I am currently reading the "Delitzsch Hebrew Gospels" A new publication of the four Gospels presented by Vine of David Press (First Fruits of Zion)

I have been reading the back ground, introductions, and translator's preface for well over a week. I want to have a clear understanding of the intent. Meanwhile, I continue to hear from fellow Christians who say to me, "I thought you wanted us to become Jewish or go back to the Law" These are the comments I deal with as a result of this blog, my website and my book and numerous articles written. I have had hundreds, if not thousands of Christians contact me saying, "Once I started looking into what this "Hebrew Roots" is I understood completely why Christians must know this, I understood why you do what you do"

And so it goes.........

So, here I am taking precious time to go through just the beginning of the "Detlisch Hebrew Gospels" because I want to capture the idea behind his work. I am realizing that this Gentile, this Goyim was doing what I am doing along with so many, many individuals around the globe. The nineteenth Century Christian scholar, Franz Detlisch was doing the same thing...returning to the original construct of the Gospels. He was understanding the Hebrew Root of our Savior and those 1st century Jews who wrote to all of the world about him. This is what I am spending virtually every waking moment of my life sharing. I am not sharing this to scholars, I am not a scholar. I am not trying to show to Christians of today that we are wrong rather,  
I am TELLING Christians of today that we are WRONG! 
Many of you do not want to hear this. Nevertheless and in so doing, I have realized how many of us really do not know the bible...we know Sunday morning! Many of the Jewish religious leaders did not want to hear the Messiah tell them that they were wrong too. The Buddhist, Muslims, Hindus and just about every religion on earth well, they don't want to hear this either. (The Muslims are killing people but so to did the Christians a few centuries ago) Abba told me to go tell people that his son was Jewish because PEOPLE do not know anything about his Jewishness within Christianity...He knew something that I had never thought about and neither did many of you. After five years trust me when I tell you...99% of YOU have told me, "I don't know anything about his Jewishness?" I guess the God of Israel was right again! 

Here is why

And so it goes........

We are putting together seminars to do what Detlisch did....take a look back at what the Jews were teaching before and after the Messiah showed up. They knew more than what we give them credit for. The religious leaders were corrupt for sure...Jesus had a heck of a time with them but the crowds who knew what the prophets were foretelling followed him. This patterns is repeating in the face of Chrislam, Jesus was killed by the Jews and a host of garbage. Meanwhile, millions of us are following a Jew who was never Christian and we are beginning to see the tragedy of 36,000 doctrines that are also scattered across creation. Imagine for a brief second, 36,000 doctrines about one SON of God?

And so it goes........

We are putting together seminars so as to come to you and to share what the God of Israel is revealing. Now imagine for a moment, coming into impoverished communities, that do not quite get the Prosperity Messages of today's church saying, "Let us return to the beginning"

Imagine going into these communities that are dotted with churches that are wrong and saying come and pay us to share with you what the Jews know and have always known. I am not talking about the religious leaders but rather the Jews who told us this story. They are still very much alive and very much active in showing to the world...Messiah.

And so it goes.......

Will you have us and can we bring a few of our friends?

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Da Bauz (The Boss) said...

Perhaps I am terribly naive alas I cannot see how someone, someone who calls Yeshua his Lord and Saviour, could read this Blog, and watch that video and say anything but WoW! Nonetheless I know, there are those who may find the content therein offensive, and thereby see cause for being abusive and using offensive language. For them I wish only their eyes and ears become opened by Jesus.

For me and my house, we will serve the Lord, and as much as we are able to understand Christ's Jewish heritage, by the Grace of Christ we (I) will.