Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What did Adam see?

In the Greek mindset...the conquerers set the standard. Within Western civilization this is a preeminent social structure with just about every aspect of this current culture represented. In the black communities of Western civilization, certainly among the America black, skin color is a sort of right of passage. A national identity was fought for based on this mindset. This is true for Native Americans as well. In the Jewish religious culture, the Gentiles are insolent and pagan. They have no concept of the correct God of creation and so what we know is simply abhorrent and foolish. Worse, it is responsible for the death of millions of Jews over the course of the last 2000 years. Within Islam, the whole world must conform to Allah or be killed or enslaved. Mohammed said,  
“I have been ordered to fight with the people till they say, none has the right to be worshipped but Allah” (Al Bukhari vol. 4:196)."

And so it goes...we are separated by our belief systems and we have responded accordingly. We kill, maim, enslave, and or conquer one another. For two thousand years the Greek/Roman mindset has dominated the landscape and now this is being challenged once again by an Ottoman mindset. Nothing new under the sun.

Centuries ago it was an Ethiopian or Nubian landscape. The pharaohs of Egypt had 30 plus dynasties while the Persians, the Assyrians and Babylonians had their turn at the helm. Alexander the Great shifted the plain which created the Caesars of the Roman Empire, the Germanic and British empires along with the embarrassing French. We emulate these attitudes today.....The amount of Asian folks the world over are so numerous that if they jump at the same time perhaps the earths rotation would shift. China is becoming a super power unlike anything the world has ever known. We are all created but, living without reverence to a Creator. We are so broken as a family of men, doing our own thing at the cost of one another with very little regard for life at all. Depressing is it not?

The Church system of today teaches that it's all satans fault and that we must overcome him in order to be better at what we do...Kill one another, Go figure! Christians have killed, Catholics have killed, Jews have killed, Muslims have killed, Buddhist have killed, Hindu, etc, etc!

Astonishingly and due to the old adage, "Practice makes perfect" we are now quite capable of blowing the earth right out of orbit and to smithereens!

The rappers call their sisters bitches and ho's while the music of of the nations is about love, hate and brokenness. We curse one another to music while video's, that ignore Deuteronomy 28 blare electronically, and globally, distraction! Children all over the globe are trying to stop forceps from snatching aware their life before they take a first breath. They do not stand a chance because of the wisdom or lack thereof that now permeates society. We have been here before only the term was, "Child Sacrifice."
We are soon to celebrate a new year in Western society with debauchery and moral failure toasted, as the fireworks light up the night skies around the world.

Two men or two women take a vow of marriage to one another forever collapsing the family in the process of creating that which cannot reproduce, while at the same time we now choose seedless grapes and dead food in order to support a dead existence.

The Creator is getting ready to judge our distortion of what and how and why all of this was spoken into existence in the first place. He is soon to restore all things....

I think we should get prepared to endure this painful correction. We can start by agreeing to not ignore his purpose as a result of our selfishness...

Un-coloring the lies that blind us of who and why we are all suspended on this tiny blue ball at some point has to make sense because what we are doing does not! Spare me the positive, outlook. We are a mess!

Return to the Beginning.....
What did Adam see when he opened his eyes?

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