Sunday, November 13, 2011

Moving Forward


Many who have read my book, “Un-Coloring Race, Black to B’reisheet” soon realize that I was not writing about race but rather going back to the beginning or GETTING OUT OF THE DARKNESS by returning to, “In the Beginning” My book is about “un-training painand certainly challenging why we know
what we know.

Jeremiah 16:19 speaks well of why I am doing all of what ABBA has put in front of me to do
The book is about the evolution of my life. Becoming a Christian and then becoming one who studies from a 
Hebraic perspective the words of our CREATOR. Keeping instep with this evolution I have put together a three team committee in order to develop a conference whereby we take what Abba has put into our hearts to do namely, share where ever we can why we need to return to the beginning of God’s word as Christians.  My message is to Christians, in particularly those of us who are in the inner cities.

The Black to B’reisheet Conferences are in essence a group of my friends coming into your “HOOD” to share why we need to reconnect the Gospels to TORAH. To offer to those who want to connect the Bible to more than just the last 2000 years. God’s word spoke and here we all are. He spoke it nearly 7000 years ago. Just like who he is, UNLIMITED so too, is his word. 

We want to show you what He is showing to us. This effort will take prayer and financial support. I am trusting that what I am compelled to do is of the Father and so we are making ourselves available to him.
Please consider inviting us to your church or neighborhood, contributing to this endeavor. Of course, the most important contribution that you can maker is to pray for us

You can contact me directly at 360 944-7678
Please contact Cheryl Lewis at
if in the Los Angeles, California area or with any questions
Contact Craig and Murline Miles of
Allen,Texas at
with any questions
These are the additional committee members .
If you would be interested in sponsoring what we are doing please contact me directly
I am currently putting the legal/business aspects of this effort together. We are not, non profit at this time.

Please go to the page designated for “CONTRIBUTIONS” on this website if you are able and or would like to monetarily support what we are doing. Please be very specific as to what your contribution is for. Thank you in advance. These transactions are all done through Paypal. If you are not able to use PayPal or prefer not to use this service please contact me directly

The individuals who I have elected to administer these conferences are not about taking your money, showboating their ministries or serving themselves. We are literally humbling ourselves and our lives in order to be led into your community, your church.
“Ain’t none of us got no money!”
We are asking Abba to send us to those who ain’t got no money either!

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