Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Israel and those darn Jews

Many Christians say, "I cannot learn from the Jews because they reject Jesus."

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Well, I want to examine this a bit. How is it possible for the Christian to have this mindset concerning the Jewish people? All of the Disciples were Jews, Paul the Apostle [Rabbi Shaul was a Jew], Moses was a Jew, King David was a Jew. Esther was a Jew. Most of the Prophets were Jews. How is it now possible for the Christian to not learn from the Jews.

Every Sunday, across the globe the average Christian goes to church carrying the book that the Jews wrote. Reading the WORD of Yehovah as presented to the entire world through the Jews. Being taught the Jewish scriptures that teach all of us about the Lion of the Tribe of JUDAH, a Jew I might add. If the Jews who taught to us everything do not recognize the Christian Messiah could it be that what we did to what they taught to us, changed? Could it be that when the Gentiles turned the Jewish Messiah into a Christian, Greek, dude who is the head of the church as opposed to the King of Israel may have caused a gigantic bump in the road?

How is it possible for the nation of Israel to have been formed prior to the Messiah's birth for the purpose of sharing God's word to the nations and then reject the nations interpretation? Israel has not rejected God.

Perhaps we need to return to Bresheit or the beginning? The Jews did not become Jews when they were following the Messiah. These were those who were familiar with the teaching of the rabbi's, the prophets and Moses. They would not have followed someone who was not teaching TORAH.

Matthew 7:28 "But when he came down from the mountain, great crowds followed him."

Matthew 8:1 "But when he came down from the mountain, great crowds followed him"

Mark 5:24 "And Yeshua went on with him and a great crowd was close to him and pressing upon him."

Mark 6:2 "And when it was The Sabbath, he began to teach in the synagogue and many who heard were amazed and they were saying, “From where does this man have these things? What is this wisdom given to him that mighty works like these should be done by his hands?”

John 7:15 And the Judeans were astonished and were saying, “How does this man know the scrolls, having not learned?” (Learned from what?)

Perhaps those Jews simply don't have a clue after all. Perhaps everything that they taught to us is not worth hearing. Perhaps we should really just toss the bible in the trash because what they taught to us is ridiculous!
Perhaps we should just curse the hell out of the people called the Jews.

Or perhaps we should learn what they know...Not what we slaughtered them for!
The leaders are the ones who were teaching false doctrine...None of the Disciples were leaders assigned by Rome.
Even our current leader is tossing the Jews under the bus

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