Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Introducing the Black to B'reisheet committee

I was asked a few days ago, “Why Black to B’reisheet Conferences, what is the purpose?”

In June of 2009, YEHOVAH woke me up and said, “Tell my people that I did not color any of them in this way!” I did not understand this in that moment. The following morning I was watching Al Sharpton speaking on a morning news show about the death of Michael Jackson. He made the statement, “What white people do not understand, but people of color know all too well….” In that moment, I heard in my head again, “I did not color any of you in this way”

Since this day several years ago, the scripture verse that plays over and over in my head is  
Jeremiah 16:19:

This verse represents the quintessential reality of what we have done…All of us have done this. In every generation, every century, every race on earth.

The Black to B’reisheet Conference is our attempt to echo Abba’s sentiment. The conference is geared towards inner city Christians or impoverished communities where Christians do not have the added knowledge of the Hebrew concepts in God’s word. In other words, we are attempting to reconnect TORAH to the GOSPELS and vise verse. We are attempting to shred the racial barriers, doctrinal barriers and separations that are preeminent in how all of have missed the mark concerning God's planned redemption. He will accomplish His purposes:

Isaiah 46:10

The coming Kingdom is not going to be racially divided, will not be based on accepting differing doctrines, and will not be represented by PAIN.

We are putting together a conference that when supported will venture into communities across this nation that will begin to address the Hebraic nature of the God of creation, His Son and His people. The enemy, created to destroy, has done very well with that mission.We are taking a STAND against that purpose. We are choosing to return to Echad

We are the "Kids" of the coming Kingdom who believe that our time in this epic battle is at hand. We believe that our time to battle the lies that we have inherited has come. We are standing against the lies. We are Christian and Jews of every race reacting to what the God of Creation is doing…he is returning us to his word.

Black to B’reisheet….Returning from vanity to the light that is IN THE BEGINNING.

Jeff Morton

Cheryl Lewis

Craig Miles

Murline Miles

Pastor Jason Swofford
[Jason, send to me a better pic]
As we begin the process of setting up the conference and conference schedule we are in a season of prayer asking YHVY to confirm across the board his will in this endeavor. If you would like to begin supporting what we are doing please do so having prayed for us first. We need financial support to be sure.

It is my intention to not have the cost be so out of reach that we cannot move forward. Here is what I have informed the committee concerning cost;

1) We need the price to be such that it can get the speakers to and from the locations that are willing to host the conferences. [With accommodations]

2) We need to be able to bless those who are hosting and to support the conference needs

3) If and only if those in attendance wish to make a contribution based on what they are hearing, a place to do so will be made available during the conference. I will not take an offering. What ever monies are received will be what we have to work with. I want those persons who cannot normally come to conferences such as these to be able to do so...We are depending on our accountant and fund raiser ABBA, Father to do what is needed according to how HE wants this to move forward. 

4) I am not doing any of this to promote my book, my ministry or yours or to make money...I am doing this because of what has been placed into my entire being for a few years now...Un-Coloring the lies..........

I am promoting what YHVY is doing throughout creation...He is preparing all of us to return to him and his word. His Son will soon bring forward the eternal kingdom that we have all been made citizens of through his blood, and he will restore his people! He is not going to argue with his Brethren, the Jews nor is he going to make Christians justified in how we have characterized  him as non Jewish.....He is not going to base what he does on the races that were created to REFLECT our Savior. He is living beauty all around us and so too, are each one of us. His return will not be euphoric but rather as that of a woman in travail. The Joy comes with the life of the child. Our King is no longer a child.

He is our KING! We are the ones who must respond accordingly. Black to B'reisheet hopes to begin this concept of one people, Un-Colored from the lie that has distorted the commandment, "LOVE ONE ANOTHER"

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