Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Frustration by 5:00

Yesterday I was frustrated by 5:00 PM

Two years ago I asked our Creator if I could move to the Tacoma, Washington area so as to be closer to El Shaddai Ministries. The very next day I received $3000.00 in the mail. Two weeks after that I was forgiven $11,000.00, buried my beloved dog, Pete and closed the door on a marriage/relationship of 25 years. My life changed.

Yesterday, I was flustered, really frustrated so I prayed.

Went to our Monday night service at El Shaddai Ministries with this frustration in tact. I saw a friend an intercessor who I had wanted to speak with. She also wanted to speak with me so we agreed to chat after the service.

My friend began to share with me concerning one of my daughters. She asked me to share this with my child which I did immediately upon returning home. [I called my kid] My daughter began to weep over the phone with all that I shared. [Please, I appreciate all of your prayers with regard to my four adult children]

Equally, my intercessor friend shared the following:

She said, "Jeff, you are not sure whether to go left or right!" Abba is wanting you to know that it is not about black or white, Chinese or Muslim or race. But, that what he is doing, HE has to do because of what is coming.The Father is wanting you to not get ahead of him, He is not going to allow you to try to do what YOU cannot do. For as long as Abba has been directing your path he has not allowed you to do things "Jeff's way" What is coming will cause children to be without mothers in a day. What is coming will cause people to come together. 
Abba is preparing you to bring honor to HIS name BUT, he is going to do this His way. 

She continued, "For some reason Abba has me praying for you and your children and even though I do not know you or your life I know that Abba is guiding you and preparing you!"
We talked about a few things; what I have shared above is a portion

Here is why this is important:

My prayer right before I went to Monday night service was (And I was praying with my new friend) Abba, I do not know whether to go left or right. I am frustrated with the lack of income and or the thing that you have asked me to do...To TELL people to not live according to RACE & RELIGION. I am frustrated that I don't know what to do or how to move forward.

Today, I am before my King thankful for his answer........
I have been a business owner, manager and person who made things happen. I have felt for 5 years now that Yahweh wants to take over how I have learned how to be and show to me how much more he is able...It has been very difficult for me to unlearn how to totally, completely rely on him.

I do know this much, last night he showed to me why my frustration is expected but that I must let him continue to lead and he did so in a very sensitive, thoughtful way
When he provides the funding to move forward with the seminars and everything else, I will move with him, not ahead of him....I am no longer frustrated.

Time to study...

Really, he has given me time to study while providing everything that I have needed for 2 years now.
I trust the God of Creation, the God of Israel. I am grateful for the blood of our returning King.

He reminded me to be still.

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