Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I would really be curious to know how many black Americans believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob that are returning to TORAH? I mean, the folks that follow Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the social idiocy that I call the "Plantation Nation" I don't want to know you, really, I don't! [I continue to pray for you though] Those who want to know what is happening...I have a challenge for you.

I am talking about the black person who wants to know the bible. I am not talking about Western Christianity but Biblical TRUTH. Western Christianity does not understand the Sabbath, the Biblical Calendar, the so called "Old Testament' is not known to most black folks. What is taught from the pulpit is what most know but this actually is not Biblical TRUTH. In fact, Western Christianity does not really know the bible. Western Christianity knows Christianity. I can ask almost any Christian randomly what the FESTIVALS are or why God begun to develop a calendar in Exodus 12. Trust me, the answer I have heard most often is, "I am not familiar with those verses" or something similar. I can do this and have done this for five years with the same outcome gauranteed. I know what I am saying, I live this daily...[Certainly, this is not true in every case but 98% absolutely the case.]
The God of Creation is operating in a fallen world...all of us have missed the mark, Christianity is not an exception. Nevertheless, our Creator has revealed much using Western Christianity. It would not be responsible of me to ignore his hand in all things. [Including Islam]

Let's be real, I have spoken to hundreds of black Pastors, most do not know the Bible but all know Christian doctrine.
Now I am not slamming Christians for not knowing the details but in the black community I wonder how many of you want to know Biblical TRUTH as opposed to who the next president will be. I celebrate your faith. We simply must connect a few dots in order to be in step with end time events.

Prophecy for example starts with the first word recorded by the Jews and the last word recorded by the Jews. Most of you have never been to a Jewish Synagogue but you read the scriptures that they wrote. Does anyone think this to be odd or have we completely rewritten our concepts of what they taught all of us? I don't know any black American Pastors who knows how the Bible is written and I do not know any black Pastors who have learned  how to understand the Bible from a Hebrew perspective that are teaching this to their congregations. In fact, when I go to conferences concerning what Abba is doing with regard to HIS Holy scriptures I can count how many black folks are in the audience in less than a minute....This must change! If you are offended because of my directness...better me now as opposed to the great and dreadful day of our Lord.

Matthew 10:34 "Think not that I have come to bring peace in the earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword."
Luke 12:51“Do you think that I have come to bring peace to the earth? I say to you, no, but division.”
Isaiah 3:5 "And the people shall be oppressed, every one by another, and every one by his neighbor: the child shall behave himself proudly against the old man, and the base against the honorable."

How long are we going to play by the enemies play book? Especially when the Creator is calling his people back to his instructions?  Israel is coming back together in the face of outrageous opposition. What are the black folks going to do? Are we really going to thumb our noses at this amazing miracle happening right in front of us? Are we going to cling to our Christian doctrines while we watch the God of Israel do in Jerusalem the impossible? [According to the nations who want to wipe this country off the map. Are we going to worship our skin color over the God who created all of us? Are we going to stay divided because of Politics and Poverty? Are we going to keep killing our babies and shooting our brothers because life is rough? If we need Maxine Water, Barack Obama or even Herman Cain to define us beyond the death and resurrection of our JEWISH Messiah well, if this is who we are to be in the last days of Babylon, how embarrassing!

If the black Christian truly loves the Bible why do most not know it?....I want to talk to you, I want to hear from you. I want to know what you know and why you know what you do? I am a conservative as are most black Christians but many follow liberal social concepts which has boggled my mind for decades.

I want to know why skin color means so much to black Americans as opposed to Biblical Truth. I want to know why BLACK is more important than Abraham, Moses, Joshua and the miracle these men represent with regard to Israel and all of the nations.I want to begin to speak the truth into black communities about the Palestinians people who have never been a nation or historical people. Fifty years ago the Jews were called Palestinians How many black pastors are sharing this information from the pulpits? I want to stop accepting the fact that black communities do not know this and so many, many other aspects of YEHOVAH'S word. I want more black Americans to honor 1st ABBA, Father as opposed to men.

I could careless about what Oprah thinks or Cornell West...According to Biblical truth, these folks will never see the Kingdom of the Lion of the tribe of Judah. I am stymied that black America is not rallying to the times that we live in.

I want BET [Black Entertainment Television] to know about us...those returning to the FOUNDATION of Truth. I want these folks to pour into communities across the nation TRUTH as opposed to Snoop Dog and Lady Gaga!

In fact, I offer a challenge to black Americans who want to know Biblical TRUTH. Ask people like me what am I talking about and why.

(If you are a black American who is TORAH minded because of the Gospel I want to start an organization)

Un-Coloring Race
Blacks Equipped with the Gospel Message who are returning to the root of our faith, Elohim's TORAH
I want this organization to begin to bring together black individuals for one purpose: To bring black Americans together for the sake of TORAH and not skin color. I want to ask one question: read further

Not an easy task but who will join with me?
Send me an email at

I want blacks who are interested in forming a group of TORAH based teachers who will go into the churches to share what we know.
I am looking for twenty people to build an organization that holds conferences in the Ghettos or impoverished communities...I am looking to Echad based on the Biblical TRUTH and not skin color. Please spread this post to those who might want to join this effort.

My goal is to bring the Kids of the coming Kingdom together in order to ask one question..."What color are we?" I want to start this in black communities because to be honest, what some of ya believe is crazy!

I need financial benefactors to get this off the ground and I want unity as opposed to idiocy. Can it be done?

Well, here is the first step:

Precious Elohim, Abba, Father....will you honor my request? I am asking you father to help me put together a group of black men who are committed to taking your TORAH to the nations. I am asking you Abba Father to fund this idea and to help me share within communities your TORAH. I am asking you Abba Father to help me to share the Gospel from an original mindset into communities that are hurting but wanting hope. I am asking for resources to gather together those person who are hearing and then doing what the Holy Spirit is leading in these days. I am asking that you allow me to put together men who will counter the "Plantation Nation" thinking and Radical Islamic penetration into the black community. I am asking you to do an amazing thing...allow me to go further with what you have asked of me...You aksed me to tell YOUR people to Un-Color ourselves from the lies that we have inherited. Father, help me break the bondage of race in order to illuminate your Holy Scriptures in territories that drugs, gangs and poverty have ruled for far too long. Abba Father, put this organization together and I [along with others] will step out to change hearts and minds in preparation for the coming Kingdom of our Savior. The Lion of the Tribe of Judah is coming...Help me Abba, Father to show others how to return to Bresheit or the beginning of your miraculous word...long before Western Christianity. Help me Father to show to others why we must reconnect the Gospel to TORAH. I ask, Father, I petition your amazing plan to include this request for such a time as this. In His name, YESHUA, Jesus the Christ I pray, Amen

If I get a positive response I will set up a bank account that will be used solely for this purpose. I will set up a board and accounting system for one purpose, to bring together Torah teachers who love our SAVIOR SO WE CAN BEGIN to hold conferences in communities that need to hear what we are doing.

If you know Black teachers of God's word who are reconnecting TORAH to the GOSPEL please forward this to them. If you are of any race and want to be apart of this effort step up to the plate! Your time to get in the game is now


jasonswofford said...

Name the place I'll show up and teach.

Cheryl Lewis said...

I'm in for whatever I can do!!

Cheryl Lewis said...

BTW I love what you are doing!!

Jeff Morton said...

Start contacting Hebrew roots teachers with my idea....and tell our friends to do the same thing