Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Battle Continues

The most difficult part of this battle is getting Christians and Jews to come together...The enemy of both groups is still in charge!

My gosh, if I counted how many times that I have been wrong in my life I would need another life time to reach that number. I have been thinking how to do what I do with more effect. When I first began to see what the Torah is and how the Bible is written I realized almost instantly that most Christians do not know any of this. I became zealous to share what God showed to me. I am still ZEALOUS.
I am a bit wiser these days, learning so much! It is like having a fire hose turned on all the time.

As far as Christians are concerned, I just want them to get into this volcano of revelation that is spreading all over the globe. I want the Church to return to the TORAH and the Jews to return to the GOSPELS. I want all of us to do so as "Kids of the coming Kingdom" unashamed, unbroken, and uncolored by the lies that we have all inherited

I read articles from others who have returned to TORAH and realize how easy it is to offend 2000 years of what so many believe as Christians. God himself knows how often I have been just as guilty.

Nevertheless, [and because I only know how to say what I feel] I sat and watched a Christian program on TBN for example and came away nauseated. To be honest, its like trying to go back to an emotional high that really is not relevant these days. Here is why I would say such a thing.

I see why Israel is surrounded, why our nation is divided, why Islam is re-establishing the Caliphate system and sharia, why the Western democracies are collapsing and why the lack of morality is replacing holiness. I see these things in Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. I see this in Joshua, Kings, and Zechariah as well as Micah and Revelation.

What I am saying is that I see these same events in the Scriptures happening over and over again. It like watching God's plan follow a repeating road map. Albeit, a different era, different people, different kingdoms but the same, exact story repeating. TBN and most churches do not see this or teach this or have any understanding of this at all. Churches teach sermons based on whatever the pulpit wants to address. The Jews repeat TORAH and have for centuries. [Torah means "Instructions, God's instructions] I was watching Jan Crouch thinking my God what have we become? I mean, perhaps a Jan Crouch type personality was in the audience while Yeshua was teaching in the Temple too! Or a Holy rolling black Pastor caught up in the Spirit....? It could have happened.

The church system teaches to Christians, Christianity [in my opinion] while Judaism teaches how to understand these patterns. Most of Orthodox Rabbi's do not teach about the 1st coming of the Messiah because they cannot see it. In other words, the Jewish teachers of God's word know the patterns and repeating word of Elohim better than any church, any pastor and any Christian on earth.

The Christians see the word from an emotional mindset but we are not taught what the Jews have known for 3800 years. Prior to this they knew the Oral Torah. We are taught about Jesus but not from HIS own perspective. We turned him into something non Jewish and 2000 years later we simply cannot see how gigantic a mistake this was and is. Jesus dying on the cross evokes an emotion in Christianity hat is foundational but Yeshua did so much more from a Jewish perspective that most in Christianity have no relationship to..This is who he really was by the way.

Its heartbreaking really, I listen to most Jews talk about the Messiah with virtually every word spoken but they cannot see the deity of Yeshua. (Many Jews know who he is but don't express this openly) The Christian on the other hand, does not know the Jewishness of the Messiah which is the key to knowing what the Jews know but cannot see. This is bizarre to me so I defer to Abba because this is how he has allowed his creation to go...I then attempt to be obedient to what he asked me to do in 2009

Well, the video of Boaz's recent visit to El Shaddai Ministries has yet to be posted but I did find a couple of YOU TUBE video so that you could watch Boaz Michael of First Fruits of Zion speak about the New Delitzsch Hebrew Gospels. He is trying to share why we have to come together. This work is brilliant! A friend purchase a leather bound book for me, ha! The work brings Jew and Gentile back to what Abba intended..To have the Jews teach us his word. The exciting thing about this work is that it shares the Gospels from a Hebrew perspective.The Disciples were Jews who were following their Rabbi, our Master for sure.
Part One
Part Two

I make mistakes but this articles clearly acknowledges "So do we all." My hearts cry is to kick the enemy out of the camp. To undo the lies that we have all inherited and to destroy the racial identities of God's kids that have separated all of us. Abba, has been asking all of us for nearly 7000 years if we will join him in this matter!

I am sure that when Messiah returns he will teach TORAH just as God's word declares. What Judaism and Christianity does not see is that the entire Bible is TORAH presented to all of us from a Hebrew perspective. This is how the God of creation wanted it. He created a nation to show us how to know him and they recorded his instructions to all of us. We are the ones who are fallen, not HIM! He is operating in a fallen everything...Sometimes we think being right is better than someone else's right. Well, we are all fallen hence the need for restoration and a Messiah....We seem to be falling much faster these days.

Bravo to First Fruits of Zion  and Vine of David  publishing for providing the weapon of our warfare in its most Hebraic mindset, Thanks for the help!  
Go back to the beginning, B'resheit!

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