Friday, October 7, 2011

Return to B'reisheet "In The Beginning"

God showed to me six years ago who and why Israel 36 years the Christian church has shown to me on the whole...almost the direct opposite of what God showed to me. God showed to me his son who was Jewish...The church showed me his son but showed to me an image of his son......

None of the people that recorded his word were Christian...They were all Jewish for a kazillion reasons most of Christianity cannot name five of them and does not know it.
I am not putting down Christianity I am trying to cause you to challenge HOW we have been taught God's word........

Return to the God of Israel and not the god of the church...It does the BODY Good.
And yes, I too know that many Jews do not believe in the first coming of the Messiah but you don't know what else they believe?

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