Sunday, October 30, 2011

YHVH is moving in Rochester, NY...TOO!

Over the last five years I have lost many of my Christian friends. Friends that I have had for years. I was accused of joining a cult, trying to put them back under the law, you name it I was that fallen Christian. I had one pastor go out of his way to show to me why the Jews were evil. My mother struggled to have a conversation with me. She is perhaps one of the strongest Christians that I know. Of course, I was jumping up and down over what ABBA was showing me, zealous would be an understatement. I am sure that what ABBA was showing to me was to them, a son and brother gone insane!

Much has changed! Not only is my mother, one of my sisters and elder brother excited about what ABBA showed to me several years ago but I was recently informed that my mother's church of 35 years, one of the largest in Rochester, NY is returning to TORAH. The pastor is reading my blog and website among other resources.

This congregation has always been ahead of the curve but more than this, the Senior Pastor, Ron Domina of  Bethel Christian Fellowship has always been a faithful servant of the Gospel. He has taken the Gospel back to its foundation, the TORAH.

I have not been home for many years. I would love to go visit my family, cousins and especially my mom but the resources just are not there.

Nevertheless, to those of you who are prayer warriors please join me in asking YEHOVAH to anoint this congregation with a radical Hebrew transformation so that each and every person is given the ability to see the Jewishness of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and that ABBA reveal to all of them the story in the bible that Christianity DOES NOT KNOW.

When I use the words "Hebrew Transformation" I am not suggesting that everyone start dressing like ancient Jews, duh! I am saying that may Adonai TzeVaot open the eyes of the thousands of members to the Hebraic understanding of the Holy Scriptures.

Abba, show to them the cyclical nature of your Festivals and to them what was never hidden but rather translated away from truth. Show to them, ISRAEL and his sons. MY God,  pour into this congregation what Moses was allowed to see face to face, mouth to mouth. In the name of our beloved Messiah, Yeshua. I ask Father.

I am going to a church in Lake Tapps, Washington this morning that is doing the same thing...The Holy Spirit is moving across the Christian landscape prompting fellow believers to return to TORAH [and take the Gospel, with you, wink!]

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