Friday, October 7, 2011

On a personal note

In the coming days I have to relocate. This blog may go down for a time. Like many of you, life is challenging for me too. Since I write about what I believe and try to do what is in my heart to do writing about some of my difficult days is also a part of who I am.

I am an open book to most who know me. My passion is to show to fellow Christians why we must return to the original understanding of TORAH or LAW.

Pastor Jason Swafford [my friend] show a glimpse of why this is absolutely CRITICAL that believers return to what our Jewish brothers have always known....It is just as CRITICAL that our Jewish Brothers return to what their fore fathers taught the nations about our Messiah......

Currently...I am waiting to hear from YEHOVAH on where I am to relocate to...and how I am going to do this....He never let's me down. He always uses people to do what he is accomplishing and many have stepped up to assist my personal situation for six years now. Ever since I began to share the Hebrew Roots connections to Christians....I have been in a battle that some of you cannot imagine. YEHOVAH asked me to tell the world to UN-COLOR the lies. He showed to me who and how he sees Israel....I have lost virtually everything that was my life in order to do what HE has asked. I will not stop doing what he asked.

WE DO NOT HAVE TIME TO BE soft, gentle and congenial....All hell is soon to rise up in this earth and those of us who are WATCHMEN on the walls are doing the impossible to warn. This is not an easy task.
I am not in this world to be what I have termed a "Stepford personality"

I also have surgery and a few other ills to contend with. So hate me or love me...your prayers, your faith and your understanding mean everything to those of us who deal with the rejections, the death threats, the weird folks who send chills down my spine and the KIDS of the COMING KINGDOM.

Stay focused and stay in this fight...OUR KING COMETH

An excerpt from a note that I received yesterday


You are special in so many ways.  It's good you don't realize it in a way, though.  You might have a big head, and I'm glad you are so humble. Just to name a few specialties of yours, and I don't know where to begin, there are so many; let's see. I'll start with something familiar to me. You recognize the value of Torah and are even studying it.  You are sticking your neck out for your beliefs that are good. That shows you have leadership qualities.  You are well spoken and do a great job speaking your mind in a group. You are a wonderful reader and read and study; which I can't say for too many people.  I'm afraid if I took a poll there would be very few who do. You are now a great writer and are contemplating writing your 2nd book!  You have practical skills such as plumbing, which I greatly admire.  Any man that can do things like that is a plus to me. You do not drink or smoke and take drugs; and I know have fought those off and have won. Gosh, you do deserve a medal!! Not only all that but you are tall, dark and handsome, and if I were a heck of a lot younger you would turn my head.  
So think well of yourself, young man.  If you know you're terrific, others will sense that as well.  Walk proudly.  You've made your mama proud.  Hey, you even use the computer well and have a terrific blog or two and know how to handle them better than I do.  That's not saying much, but to me it's great. You also have an outgoing personality and make friends easily.  I can see that by all the people you know; V Sharpe, P Loese, etc, etc, too numerous to list.   
Enough already.
So, L'Shana Tovu, tik u tay vu; Happy New Year and may you be inscribed in the book of life for this next year.
All the best

This lady is a breath of fresh air in a world of suffocating pain
To God be all glory forever

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