Thursday, October 27, 2011

I live in the garden.

The separation due to what happened in the garden so many thousands of years ago causes all of us to have limited access to YEHOVAH, or does it?

I have been unemployed for most of the last four years. I have lived in various places due to the generosity of others. I woke up divorced one day and the crux of my life for the last 25 years was changed. My company is  gone. My four children are grown with my youngest daughter experiencing a world that is not surrounded with family. Her world is broken. The anguish of these many, many changes follow me moment to moment, day by day.

However, five years ago my whole life returned to the garden. I know longer go to church hoping to understand better the bible. I see the God of creation when my eyes are open and when they are closed. I understand that the water which sustains my life is him and he is within me. The same is true for the air that I breathe, the ground that I stand on and the heavens that cover all of us like a canopy. Each declare his presence.

I have lost everything [that is material so to speak] and struggle not knowing where or how or even when what ever is going to happen next will happen. Five years ago the God of creation showed to me who Israel is and why he created the Hebrews...It was like seeing everything in the universe within a millisecond. What was added to my entire life was a gift. I remember too, the day that the anger which raised my inner man was ripped out of my spirit. Today, I have unshakeable faith. You see, I don't imagine the God of creation anymore. My life, all of our lives exist in him and for some reason, five years ago he wanted me to know the "something" about him that nothing in my life was prepared for.

I have not known where I was going to be living for nearly four weeks. During this four weeks I have gone through every emotion imaginable. I have faced a plethora of obstacles and done virtually all of this BROKE!

I have also met a Pastor whose mother planted in him the Festivals and why he needed to understand them shortly before her death. It has changed his entire life over the last fourteen years. I have met a woman, a relationship is growing. These two people have made this desert journey complimentary as opposed to unbearable. I was asked to speak at a Sukkot gathering two hours from where I was living[something I love to do] As I type this I am in a motel waiting for Abba to open the next door, he will. I have to have surgery and yada, yada, goes on.

I awoke wanting to share this with you all and would have posted this sooner but the wy-fy was down at the motel. What I wanted to share is that my life is operating in the garden with the Creator of this experience. I sit, stand, and walk with HIM daily. He has asked me to challenge what I was taught about him and about Israel...and so I do. He has asked me to "Un-Color the lies that we have inherited so that we might see the colors that he purposed, that are true, vibrant and not what humanity calls existence.
He has asked me to stand and, stand I shall.

The God of Israel showed to me the root of his plan, Israel and how to see the plan from a Hebrew mind five years ago...The JOY that I live with ever since is unbreakable. I challenge what I  have been taught as a Christian solely because of what I now know.. I listen to Christians, both friends, family and strangers knowing something that He has not shown them yet.....I share what that is. It is like walking in a mine field but I am compelled to be obedient to what he did five years ago.

No matter what obstacles, issues or circumstances I face, create or fail to avoid...I will stand within this body that gives all of us life. I do not live in the knowledge of good and evil. I live in the garden. My faith is based on the beauty of knowing that he will provide. He is helping my whole life to understand that how he provides is what makes living in the garden something that I can trust for eternity.

Hang in there and know that he is able.
Our Messiah is RETURNING very, very soon

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