Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Dichotomy

di·chot·o·my [dahy-kot-uh-mee]  
noun, plural -mies.
1.division into two parts, kinds, etc.; subdivision into halves or pairs.
2.division into two mutually exclusive, opposed, or contradictory groups: a dichotomy between thought and action.

The Shabbat was an interesting day. I have been thinking about events that unfolded until this very moment. I am trying to put into words what happens when trying to explain to Christians why I see the bible differently then I once did. It is like being in the twilight zone.

In Christianity most everyone who shares this faith only knows what they believe from a Christian perspective that has evolved for 1900 years. Almost every word spoken is based on a Christian mindset. I understand because this is what and how I learned about God. However, how I learned about God is not how he introduced himself to all of the world. He did so through the Hebrews and Christianity does not know the bible from a Hebraic perspective. 1900 years ago the Gentiles tossed out the Jewishness of scriptures. [1700 years ago Emperor Constantine made the Gentile interpretation, law.]

To use an analogy:

Let's say that God built a building and so too did Christianity. The buildings are identical on the outside. The one that God built is full of Hebraic, and Jewish symbolism. Every floor is showing us who he is based on the Festivals days, the Biblical calendar and the history of the sons of Jacob.

In the building that Christians copied on the exterior contains class rooms on each floor that tell the story of Jesus with out the Calendar, the Festivals and the History of the sons of Jacob. Everything that is taught in these class rooms does not have a relationship to the Jewishness of scriptures or the Hebrew people but rather is faith based as taught by the church.

The Christians have been taught feelings and emotions and walk by faith via the concept of grace.
It does not make what they believe wrong it just does not have foundation of how the revelation is supported by the building that God built using history. The Christian building is not about Israel but rather the church

The building that God made is Israel......He is returning to this land as well
The church does not know who, what or why Israel exists and they do not know who Israel is because of Christianity....this is the dichotomy! [It is also the veil] This is changing, rather rapidly I might add.

The Jews don't have to understand Christianity. The commandments that they were given is still their mandate. Most Christians don't know what that mandate is for the most part because they do not know what is in the building God made! Most Christian do not know the everlasting promises made to the Hebrews. Nor do they understand the promise of RESTORATION to the children of Israel. The church has taught a message of spiritual Israel....? Physical Israel is surrounded by prophetical evidence of the God of Israel who said, "I will roar out of ZION"

On the sabbath I heard things like...We don't need to be Jewish, God looks at the heart and the ever present term, "Christian Bashing." [I have grown accustomed to these phrases] When those who want to understand the building that God made seek to enter what was in the beginning they all, everyone of these people have said to me [over the course of the last six years, "I had no idea or what we have learned in Christianity is so very, very, very limited"

Those who think that what I am sharing [and others like me] is crazy almost always accuse me of bashing Christians. Some move beyond what we have learned in Christianity and some stay where they are in Christianity....This is God's deal not mine. My reason for doing all of this is a simple one.

I now see what is in the building that God built. I am bound to share this and to embrace Israel and the Jewish people as a result. I understand what Christianity cannot see.....I have put both, together! It is not possible for me to only enter the buildings of Emperor Constantine. I have gone back to Moses, the prophets and the disciples, all of who were Jewish. The Messiah chose to reveal himself as one of them and this is who I am a watchman for.

This is very hard to explain. In my heart and above all of this it is very painful to see how Christians understand the bible, been there, done that. It is just as difficult to listen to Orthodox Jews who are miles, miles ahead of every Christian on earth in their wisdom of scriptures. They talk all about the first coming of Messiah but cannot see it....this too is the veil!

It is weird really! It is the way God set it up.....Weird to me but obviously, not to him(?)

In summary, I hope that Christians return to the beginning and that Jews will see who the Lion of the tribe of Judah is soon. I am a Christian who no longer lives in the Christian building. I returned to the building God created not the one men made [and I did not become Jewish in that process]

(The more that God shows these things to me the more I realize how much I truly do not know.)


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