Sunday, October 9, 2011

Alert, Alert, Alert!

Everything that I do has to relocate. The computers, phone, Internet even the accounts that all of what I do are on need to be moved. I have a short window to move everything that I do.

Due to the website and even in this blog...I hear from so many of you across the globe. I have met a ton of you. Some of you have already made contributions to what I now have to do...I am grateful. You have no idea how much I love what I do

I spoke with one of my Pastor's awhile ago and shared with him my situation. He said, "Your ministry is evolving into a  traveling speaker or he shared his thinking concerning the last 6 years of my life ...This is actually picking up, in fact I am speaking this next week at a Sukkot gathering in Vancouver, WA.

If ever the time for your financial support was needed this is that time. As many are in prayer [THANK YOU] I will always count on my Savior to see me through while at the same time he uses many of you to keep all of this going anyway...

If you are able and you support what I do...consider a financial gift...That's it, that's all. My prayer is that Abba give me the ability to be in my own small place where I can do everything from....I could use some help accomplishing this.

From the time that Abba showed to me the revelation of who Israel is six years ago and the Jewishness of the Messiah my life has seen a complete transformation. A Pastor friend said to me..."Your heart is what God sees and your service to the Kingdom is what is being attacked...I often forget about the battle.

Thank you

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