Monday, September 26, 2011

Abraham, the ROOT that produced the Messiah

[Killing all of the Jews and wiping them off the map is lunacy...If we allow this sort of madness to take place the question that should be in everyone's mind is ...whose next? For a people group to want to exterminate another people group is insidious. For Islam to operate globally with this concept as mainstream well, it says an awful lot about how we have devalued human life. If Islam cares so much about the Arabs who now call themselves Palestinians why do they not use the wealth of oil to support life as opposed to the death of Israel? I feel sorry for those who move against Israel but I feel even more sorry for the Christians who do not understand who Israel is]

As often as I speak about my support for Israel and the Jewish people it is important to my Christian brothers and sisters that you understand the context of this support. The following presentation explains quite well how I see Israel from a biblical account. I also see what God is doing as he continues fulfilling his plan of redemption through Israel. I do not support Orthodox Jewry at face value but believe it necessary to know what Orthodox Jews believe. Keeping in mind too, that they do not all believe the same thing(s)

In consideration of what I simply do not know or understand I am always leaning towards what the Hebrew folks have been teaching for centuries. All of the Disciples were Hebrew and every hand that wrote God's word was Hebrew.

In 1948 the God of creation began to return to the land the descendants of Jacob. They all believe themselves to be Jews but they don't all believe the same thing. Our Savior was Hebrew of the tribe of Judah, he was Jewish. Everyone who believes in the God of Abraham is following what God continues to reveal through the Hebrew people. They kept Torah alive and presented to the world the Gospels. The Messiah was born to them, raised with them, taught what they were given via Moses and is returning to them. To ignore this relationship because we are Christian is foolish.

To not know that Jesus [Yeshua] kept the Sabbath, honored GOD'S Festivals or Holidays and read from the TORAH, the Tanahk (Antisemitism calls it the Old Testament or OLD WAY), and that he followed  many of the Jewish customs simply denies his Hebraic identity. We turned him into a Western deity instead of the LION of the Tribe of Judah.

Orthodox Jewry for the most part does not accept the deity of the Messiah however, Messianic Judaism does. It is all confusing at first. Nevertheless and in spite of what is confusing, God is doing through Israel the miraculous. His plan continued with Abraham, it did not begin. The nation of Israel was re-born. It is called the nation of Israel as opposed to the nation of Jews because a distinction is spelled out in the scriptures....This is the part that Christians must absolutely understand. In common speak today we call the inhabitants of Israel the Jews and so do they but the scriptures say many nations will come from Abraham. This is what is important to understand. 

Kudos to Monte Judah for his explanation in the following: [62 minutes)

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