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Reconnecting Jew & Gentile, Reconnecting Names

I was reading a newsletter sent out by my friend Lars Enarson which quoted the following verse of Scripture:

Romans 15:8 "Let me explain. Christ became a servant for the Jewish people to reveal God's truth. As a result, he fulfilled God's promise to the ancestors of the Jewish people."
 [Their are a variety of translations ] 

When I am speaking with fellow believers, Christians I always ask the following questions:
  1. Do You Agree that Mary & Joseph were Jewish?
  2. Do you agree that Jesus (Yeshua) 1st taught in the glorious second Temple at age 12?
  3. Do you agree that Jesus (Yeshua) chose 12 Jewish men as his disciples?
  4. Do you agree that Jesus (Yeshua) taught the words of his Father?
  5. Do you agree that Jesus (Yeshua) lived, ate, died with and rose up again with the Jews?
  6. Do you agree that Jesus (Yeshua) is returning to Israel at the Mount of Olives.
Special note: [I no longer try to convince folks why this all matters. I am finding that most people are looking for more understanding of the scriptures. Of those people who don't want to hear any of the Hebraic Root information spreading across creation because they are okay with what they believe, so be it. My heart is to share with the folks who are seeking more revelation] continue
I follow up with, What do you know about the Jewishness of the Messiah adding, I am not speaking specifically about Judaism but his Jewish identity in the flesh. After all, he was 100% Jewish right?
To date, not one person, particularly Christian has responded beyond, "Not Much!"

Please watch the following presentation, it is very short

I carry around a paper in my wallet that has this information spelled out. I will show this to Christians and ask them to read the names in English, Adam to Noah asking, "What jumps out at you when you read the names?" Most don't really understand the question, fair enough. I then ask them to read the Hebrew meanings of each name individually. Okay, so now at this point they are seeing more to each name that is literally impossible to see if only from the translation to English. I then ask them to read the names grouped together exactly as they appear in scripture for thousands of years:

Mankind/ is appointed to/ feeble, frail, mortality/ a
fixed dwelling place/ God who is praised/ comes down/ to instruct/ as a man sent forth/ to be beaten smitten and tortured/ bringing rest, a quiet peace.  
[Genesis 5, the begats chapter]

The look that comes across the face of virtually every person that I have shown this to is a reward all by itself (Smile)
I said all of this to say the following [and to get back to the verse of scripture above, Romans 15:8]
What we have been taught is that the bible is a book for Christians but this is not true. The Bible is a record of Creation and the revelation of the God of creation through the Jewish people It is a record of the promises made to the nation that was born through the sons of Jacob. It is the story of the one who was to come through the tribe of Judah.

Christianity in one sense hi-jacked the message and tailored it to suite a church as opposed to Israel of who we are grafted into. Many, many Christians are aware of the Gospel message but they are aware of it based on the translations and certainly English or western understanding. When the answer, "NOT MUCH"  comes out of a person's spirit concerning a very Jewish Yeshua you would think this in an of itself would cause more questions. This happens for those seeking but most Christians think this is irrelevant! Imagine for just a moment that the very thing that opens up, illuminates the scripture is thought irrelevant as a result of 2000 years of tossing the Jews under the bus[?] If I were a Jew being forced to bow down to a dead person on a stick which goes against everything in the TORAH....Being asked to ignore the Sabbath and being made to kick God's calendar and HOLY days to the curb, I too would have a tough time believing in Jesus Christ as presented by the Gentiles who don't know TORAH.

Romans 15:8 "Let me explain. Christ became a servant for the Jewish people to reveal God's truth. As a result, he fulfilled God's promise to the ancestors of the Jewish people."

He became a servant to the Jews, as a Jew! Well what makes a Jew, Jewish? The answer to this question is found in the pages of the TORAH or the first five books. Without understanding these instructions to Israel one will never see the Messiah as one of these folks...He was one of these folks. Seeing the Gospel message in the names should at the very least cause you to want to see more of the Jewish stuff that we were not taught about as Christians...This is a rather remarkable deception because it is here that the Bible will blow your mind.

If you are one to get stuck in the LIE that the "Jews Killed Jesus" you are possibly not one seeking truth and comfortable with a deception that caused all of us not to see what the names mean. Knowing that the names reveal the Gospel message offers an opportunity for you to ask, "What else am I not seeing in the scriptures because of HOW I have been taught?"

Deuteronomy 18:18 I will raise them up a Prophet from among their brothers, like to you, and will put my words in his mouth; and he shall speak to them all that I shall command him.

  • Perhaps we need to not rely on what we have been taught about the Jews and find out the truth about his chosen people.
  • Perhaps we really need to know more about his brothers and his beloved, born again ISRAEL 
  • We know that the Messiah is coming and we know that the world system is still trying to kill his family!
  • The Jews do not believe in the Jesus of the church but many absolutely believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.....
Both camps do all of these things in a fallen world and we do so with mistrust, apprehension and pain....None of which is reason enough to call God's word irrelevant. God raised him up, some of his brothers rejected him and some of Christianity we rejected them...The adversary to the coming kingdom has been tickled pink ever since!

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