Saturday, September 24, 2011

 I could not agree more!

[My Friend Victor Sharpe:]


I have been laid low for the last week with a very painful attack of shingles. I am trying to avoid as much news as possible because it has added immensely to my stress; the reason for my current ill health. However, I thought you would like to see and hear Netanyahu’s speech at the UN. And against doctor’s orders, I had to write what is in my heart as the world is coming up against Jerusalem.

You will notice the polite but tepid applause and the deafening silence from oh, so many of the international delegates. I fear that calling, nay begging, for peace by the Israeli Prime Minister is an exercise in futility. The stark fact, which nobody wants to hear, is that Islam will never make peace with a non-Muslim state, especially if the Muslim foot trod triumphal upon that same territory it once occupied in the name of Allah.

Even though the Jewish people in the Land of Israel pre-date Islam by millennia, nevertheless for Muslims the territory is theirs and they will call it by its fraudulent name: Palestine. As I have written before, if Israel shrank to just one downtown city block in Tel Aviv, it would still be reason for an all-out war of extermination by the Arab and Muslim world.
Until people understand that it is not “radical” Islam which creates the horror and misery that burdens all mankind but simply Islam, there can be no understanding of the existential threat we face in what is left of the Free World. There is no moderate Islam and no radical Islam; there is only Islam. It is a bitter pill to swallow and no amount of sugar coating can ever make it palatable.

Netanyahu uttered the words ”West Bank” over and over again. This is a fundamental mistake. He must, and all of us must, call the territory by its Jewish biblical and ancestral name, Judea and Samaria, and then call it “aka the West Bank.” The inextricable Jewish connection with this God given promised land - attested to in the Holy Bible - must be proclaimed again and again and again in the halls of international diplomacy and the international corridors of power.

So it is the same with the counter-productive word, “settlements” – which in the English language is a pejorative term. These Jewish communities are not the outposts of an alien presence in another people’s land. No. These are Jewish villages and towns populated by the Jewish descendants of biblical and post-biblical indigenous and native Jewish ancestors who for untold generations farmed and tended the hills and valleys of this Jewish heartland: Judea and Samaria.

In conclusion, the endless and repeated begging for peace from a perverse and irretrievably hostile Muslim and Arab world must stop. The reality is desperately hard to acknowledge and accept, but it is an Islamic fact. Islam will never make peace with non-Muslims. The Muslim is enjoined by the later writings in the Koran and Hadith to lie to the non-Muslim if it advances Islam in the world. The Muslim must break all and every agreement entered with non-Muslims if it advances Islam in the world. This is the bitter reality non-Muslims must come to understand for if it is dismissed it guarantees war and all the horror of violent and evil terror perpetrated in the name of Allah.

For Israel the course is clear. The Arab and Muslim world has proclaimed everlasting enmity towards the non-Muslim; those which Islam arrogantly dismisses as infidels. Thus, no Muslim state or its leader will ever recognize Israel as a Jewish state for that is to deny Islam; a word, by the way, which means submission – not to the will of the people as in a democracy, but only to the will of Allah. That is an empirical fact.

The Muslim Arabs who call themselves Palestinians have made their bed. Now they must lie in it for their words of deceit and venom have consequences. Historical correctness must always trump political correctness. That being said, Jordan is Palestine. That is also an empirical fact.

And one other: A Two-State Solution within the mere 40 mile wide border from the Mediterranean Sea to the River Jordan will be for the Jewish people another “Final Solution.”  

Victor Sharpe
Author of Politicide: The attempted murder of the Jewish state
Speech by Bibi Netanyahu at the U.N.

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