Sunday, September 25, 2011

And your point is what exactly?

Okay, for the record.....

I have had Jewish people reject me and everything that I stand for. I have had Jewish people insult me, ridicule me and think me some sort of kook. I know Jewish people who peddle pornography and who are absolute criminals. I look at the stuff that flows out of Hollywood and the record industry as absolute filth. I completely agree that the Jewish enterprise of this sort of garbage is awful.
I know Jewish people who are racists and think black folks are degenerate. I have had Jewish people tell me the following to my face: "Being Hebrew Root minded is insulting to everything Jewish"

Many, not all Orthodox Jews think Hebrew Roots is blasphemy The Messy-Antic stuff that goes on around the globe is offensive, even to me!
I hear similar stuff from Christians, Black folks and Arabs. I get attacked from just about everyone.

When YEHOVAH poured into my spirit how HE views Israel my whole life changed. When he showed to me his love for what he created it makes what I call "my life" so much more clearer. He is not about hate, racism, scorn, & division but rather righteousness and holiness. He loves Israel and he showed to me a morsel of what that looks like. I feel total sorrow for those who attack Israel. YOU have no idea just how utterly and completely  you are condemning yourself and cursing your entire existence. For the Jews who think YEHOVAH to be exclusively... for the Jews. YOU miss HIS point.

A world of differing people proves this sort of thinking to be just dumb. Being a bridge to the nations is still YOUR mandate.

Most of the Jews who are against everything I stand for are liberal Jews for the most part. Some of these folks are to me the most bizarre and unexplainable people on earth! But, do I have hatred in me towards them or!

So, as is the case with sin and total disregard for TORAH, the Tanahk and the Epistles the world is full of people who could careless about faith....The Jews are not immune to falling away from the God of Israel just as is the case with many Christians....My message is to those who are not of this ilk. If you don't care about the God of creation this truly is your problem, not mine.

What I get called from black folks is far me! What I get from Christians defies everything in the scriptures.....And so it goes!
If you get out on the battle field...YOU TOO, will go through all of this and more. God is not speaking to unbelievers...He is speaking to believers and so am I. I support the Jews who are living and dying to keep God's commandments and to Honor his plan of redemption. I support the Christian who embraces our Jewish brothers and sister by learning what they know and adding to what God has revealed over the last 2000 years that does not operate via antisemitism. Much of Christianity is founded on antisemitism. So, I speak against that part of what evolved from Catholicism and the Council of Nicea. The Jewish Disciples did not teach replacement theology.

I stand with Israel and every Christian and Jew who honors the TORAH....and who extends a hand to one another because of faith and the commandments. I absolutely, unequivocally defend the entire book of Scriptures and stand by the first coming of Yeshua and look forward to his second coming. If you don't agree with be it. My message is simple...learn about the Jewishness of the Messiah and return to Briesheet or the beginning if you are a person of faith. Nevertheless, none are blameless and innocent....myself included!

Having said all of this I will close by adding...some of the nicest, most generous people that I have known in my entire life have also been...Jewish! They have also been Black, White, Christians etc, etc....I have yet to meet an Arab [Muslim] who appreciates what I do.

I don't agree with quite a bit of Judaism and what it teaches. I don't agree with quite a bit about Christianity as well. I do agree that we should know a little bit about both and make an informed decision. I know Jews who will not read the so called New Testament and I know Christians who think the so called Old testament is obsolete. This has been the case for two thousand years. I personally think this is simply...STUPID!

I think this because of what the God of Israel showed to me but also because the second commandment is to love one another, duh! [If you want to cut off my head...I do not love you! Just keeping it real!]

The promise is revealed to all of humanity through Israel...Not sin and not people who practice sin with complete disregard to TORAH. [The Gospel message cannot exist with out TORAH]

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