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The Christian is right and the Jew is right as we leap into tribulation!

A dear friend of mine called to express how upsetting it was that I lumped all Christians into one particular group. Now, you have to understand before I go further about this phone call. I hear from Christians of just about every denomination certainly, evangelicals. By far the evangelical Christian supports Israel and the Jewish state more so then any other Christian folk that respond or contact me.Many of the traditional, old denominations follow "Replacement Theology" which is to say "The Jews Killed Jesus" and so the church replaced them" Likewise, not all of traditional denominations agree with this absurdity found in Replacement Theology.

By far, more black folks contact me and say things like...The Jews were all black or the Europeans that resettled the land are not true Jews. I get just about every response you can think of and then some concerning what I write about. Most of the black folks only know the New Testament, actually most Christians who contact me only know the New Testament. in general. Of the people who I have lengthy conversations with including Pastors and Bishop [or what ever title] know the Old Testament as a sort of reference or historical writing explaining the prophesy of Jesus. Virtually every Christian who contacts me knows virtually nothing at all about the Jews or the Jewishness of the Messiah and how the Bible is written from a Hebraic construct. This is why I love Laurie Cordoza-Moore and what she is doing. Certainly, John Hagee of Cornerstone Church San Antonio, Tx. Most only know the Greek and the translation that bring us to the modern church and the 36,000 doctrines therein. The Catholics for the most part hate the Jews and think they should all be wiped off the map. [Or at least the ones who contact me think this.] I have had one Catholic, ONE Catholic in the years that I have been doing this say otherwise.I had a Catholic say to me "I think that I might live long enough to see those bastard Jews finally pushed into the Mediterranean!"

Back to the phone call: My friend was concerned that I had lumped all Christians into the "Hate Jews" category. If I do anything it is to cause the Christian who believes in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to realize or at the very least acknowledge a very Jewish Messiah. I cannot tell you how many Christians have contacted me to argue that Jesus was a Christian and was never Jewish. My friend never hears those conversations apparently. I cannot tell you how many Christians contact me to say that the Jews Killed Jesus or that the disciples were Christians. It boggles my mind at some of the stuff that I hear. I actually heard a story whereby a group of folks said that the only Jew of the disciples was Judas?

The Jews do not have a history of killing millions of Christians. The Christians have a history filled with killing Jews millions of them at that. The Jews insist that we are all pagans and that our theology is based on everything but God's word and certainly the TORAH. In many many instances they are absolutely correct. I can ask any Christian at any time to explain why the Jews (Orthodox, Rabbinic matters not) do not believe in Jesus and have...most are clueless. Just as most of these Jews are clueless about what is in the New Testament To them it is our book of Mormon as I have been told.

At the end of the day I am not sitting in the pews on Sunday but rather am out in the battle. I hear and have been called just about every name you can speak. From Uncle Tom to Judaiser to Jew lover to..well, I won't repeat those ones. I will say with out reservation I believe that Israel is God's land and the Jews are chosen. I will also add that the Christian is apart of the plan and that the new Testament Epistles (Certainly are not the New Covenant) but are correct in announcing the birth of our God in the flesh.

I think the Christian has to accept responsibility for 36,000 doctrines that slaughtered millions of Jews, enslaved millions of blacks and does not own the world religion especially at the expense of those who taught us everything. Perhaps rather than get turned off by what I write we should all look at ourselves and our Christian heritage and perhaps honor the the commandments as prescribed in the TORAH....Especially the 1st two.

My friend understands my heart and why I do all of this but I do all of this just as imperfect as is everyone else Nevertheless, I am no longer just sitting in the pews, I am stirring up the conversation. If you are turned off by be it!

I showed to a person yesterday, a devote Christian how to see Yeshua in the first five books. He was amazed, AMAZED! Most Christians are CLUELESS about any of this. I stand by this statement without reservation

Many of the Rabbinic Jews or those who practice Judaism think that Christians have to come to them for the truth....

The truth caused these folks to be scattered and scattered and scattered again. Both Temples were destroyed and the.Jews have gone through horrific trouble due largely to disobedience.

Okay,  so now we all can agree that we all have a lot to learn and that the God of Israel and the Messiah of Christianity set aside a time for this to occur. You see, we have done such a great job of not needing that input! The Jews have the Talmud and the Christians have the translations.  Both are not what Moses received. So in my opinion, the Jews are just as screwed up as are the Christians, the Muslims and everyone else who walks on this earth. Why else do we need a Mochiach?

I do however, strongly recommend learning a thing or two from the we unravel what they were given. Especially some of the Talmud Babylonian or otherwise. I think we should start in the beginning from a Hebrew mindset and come forward so that the book you carry into your church is restored to the one given to Moses. The tablets were not in English to be sure! Yub...This is what I think.

If you want to do the Jewish Costum party and create a Hebrew're too late, Yehovah has already done this. Aaron has the biblical dress code, that was commanded to prove it!

So to the Christian who takes the book that the Jews wrote, inspired of God into church on Sunday...What is Shimi Atzeret and what did Jesus do on this day....Why were the disciples counting the Omer and who is Phineas......?
To the Jews, why did your brethren write the Epistle's and why was one of your Rabbi's telling the Jews of his time that "We got something wrong again?" (Rabbi Shaul)

Lets talk about it as opposed to killing one another. You are just stupid, biblically if you think in all of this that the Hebrews are not set apart. Those of us who read the HOLY Bible (Tanakh & Gospel) need to have coffee and talk about the kids...We have not grown up enough to talk about the first two commandments huh?
Jews spit upon Christians and Christians think the Palestinians are supposed to have a state......taken out of God's land....
For the record, not all Jews do this and not all Christians believe this...So, call me to say "Hello" from now on!

Judaism and Christianity are faiths...What the Jews where given at Sinai is a whole entirely different thing. You see, Abraham knew all of this stuff and so did Noah...Neither man was Jewish or Christians!
So, what were they?

With the love of Torah and Besorah

Jeff M.

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