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Here are two examples:

March 11th, 2010

March 11th 2011

Last of the settlements removed in Israel August 2005
The Jews were displaced and the land was wiped clean

Hurricane Katrina August 2005
People in
SEVEN [click on the seven] states were displaced and the land was destroyed.

Ariel Sharon, former Israeli Prime Minister, stated on Aug. 15, 2005, in a public address to the people of Israel concerning the disengagement from the occupied Palestinian territory of Gaza:

"The day has arrived. We are beginning the most difficult and painful step of all - evacuating our communities from the Gaza Strip and Northern Samaria.
It is no secret that I like many others, believed and hoped that we could forever hold on to Netzarim and Kfar Darom. However, the changing reality in this country, in this region, and in the world, required another reassessment and changing of positions.
Gaza cannot be held onto forever. Over one million Palestinians live there, and they double their numbers with every generation. They live in incredibly cramped refugee camps, in poverty and squalor, in hotbeds of ever-increasing hatred, with no hope whatsoever on the horizon.
The unilateral Disengagement Plan, which I announced approximately two years ago, is the Israeli answer to this reality. This Plan is good for Israel in any future scenario. We are reducing the day-to-day friction and its victims on both sides. The Israeli Defense Forces will redeploy on defensive lines behind the Security Fence. Those who continue to fight us will meet the full force of the IDF and the security forces.
I initiated the Plan because I concluded that this action is vital for Israel." Ariel Sharon in a Coma 2006

Aug. 15, 2005 - Ariel Sharon 
With respect,

OKAY, this is just a snippet of information concerning the God of Israel and how he is letting the world know....I wish that I could take what is in my brain and put a video on YOU TUBE so that you could all see what Yehovah is revealing to me. I am beyond privileged. I also am warning, warning warning all who believe...God is writing his entire word to US!

DON'T Mess with Israel.

Zechariah 2:4
For Gaza shall be forsaken, and Ashkelon a desolation; they shall drive out Ashdod at noonday, and Ekron shall be rooted up.Jeremiah 6:4 "Prepare for battle against her! Arise, let us attack at noon! But, alas, the daylight is fading, and the shadows of evening grow long.

Jeremiah 47:1 This is the word of the LORD that came to Jeremiah the prophet concerning the Philistines before Pharaoh attacked Gaza:

Jeremiah 47:5 Gaza will shave her head in mourning; Ashkelon will be silenced. O remnant on the plain, how long will you cut yourselves?

Amos 1:6 This is what the LORD says: "For three sins of Gaza, even for four, I will not turn back [my wrath]. Because she took captive whole communities and sold them to Edom,

Amos 1:7 I will send fire upon the walls of Gaza that will consume her fortresses.

Amos 1:8 I will destroy the king of Ashdod and the one who holds the scepter in Ashkelon. I will turn my hand against Ekron, till the last of the Philistines is dead," says the Sovereign LORD.

Zechariah 9:5 Ashkelon will see it and fear; Gaza will writhe in agony, and Ekron too, for her hope will wither. Gaza will lose her king and Ashkelon will be deserted.

Zechariah 9:6 Foreigners will occupy Ashdod, and I will cut off the pride of the Philistines.

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