Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In the name of Jesus, I hate the Jews

A friend of mine received this response from a Christian who loves the God of the bible.
[Warning, this is deplorable]
She (Rhonda) wrote this to Theresa who shared it with me
I removed the email addresses of both persons

THIS IS WHAT many, certainly not all but many Christians think. I hear this sort of rhetoric from Catholics. Trust me, I talk to both camps often. I have also met Jews who are just as full of hate.
Tosses the 2nd commandment under the bus does it not!

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Note: I removed two websites also posted in the following rant I refuse to advertise this sort of ignorance
From: Rhonda (Email removed by Jeff)
Date: May 13, 2011 12:38:27 AM PDT
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Subject: I read your articles

I read all your articles, and I don't know what else to say, but what I have come to know the truth to be. I have no doubt, that in due time, many more Christians will wake up to the truth.
The Jews were God's chosen people all right, but they were chosen to show us what pure evil is. They were murderers, liars, thieves, and blood sacrificers then, and they still are now. It was NOT God who commanded them to murder every man, woman, and child, or to take the booty when they did. It was not God that told them to borrow/steal the riches from the Egyptians. It was Satan, because Satan was their god. Jesus tried to tell us the truth, and they not only murdered him, but they murdered most of his disciples.

Their owned media diverts everyone to think the Muslims are bad, but in fact it is the Jews. They have been kicked out of the following countries, certainly not because they were godly people, but rather because they were/are the epitome of evil. Their flag is 666 and they ARE the Anti-Christ. They worship the Babylonian Talmud, as well, of which has NO respect for the Goyim...us. I stand up for the truth of God and His Son, Jesus Christ. I have been guided through prayer for truth....not the lies I have been led to believe in the past from the Jewish fed garbage. God tells us to look to the actions, to know the deeds. I'm not saying that there are not evil Muslims, but many are defending themselves from the lies that have been cast upon them.
Here's the countries:

France was one of the first European nations which forced the deportations of jews in 1182 AD; England in 1290; France again in 1306 and 1322; Hungary in 1360; Belgium in 1370; Austria in 1420; Bavaria in 1442; Netherlands in 1444; Poland in 1483; Spain in 1492; Italy in 1492; Lithuania in 1495; Portugal in 1496; Prussia in 1510; Italy in 1540; Prague in 1541 and 1557; the Papal States in 1569; Hamburg in 1649; Vienna in 1669; Slovakia in 1744; Moscow in 1891.

So, I'm sorry to present this in the way I did, but I am furious, because I KNOW what they are doing to this country, and to the world. All I have to do is see the perversion from the Jewish owned media, music, news, banks, Monsanto, drug companies, etc,  to know where it's coming from, and for what reason we find ourselves where we do. The Muslims did not come into this country supporting Communism, nor are they feeding our children with sex and perversion on TV, in music, or at the movies. God showed us the enemy right in the Bible. The answer was always there, if we only opened our eyes to what we were told. They are destroying our country from within, and their evil is what will be left for our children, and grandchildren. It makes me so angry and sad at the same time.
Warrior of Truth.....Rhonda


Toni said...

The lines are being drawn... who will we stand with? As for me and my House we will stand with Y'hovah and all of His people... Israel and those who join themselves with them!

Jeff Morton said...

I have had over 100 emails concerning this post. About 1/2 have said (In one form or another) I did not know that Christian thought like this about the Jewish people.

One such person wrote "How is this possible?" He was wondering how any Christian could think like this....

People, many of you would be shocked to know how many Christians think this...In fact, I am shocked that many of you don't know this?