Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I love that this Brother and what he is doing is full of LOVE

Keep asking about Israel and why she was BORN AGAIN...... Keep asking and watch what happens. The bible was written by the Hebrews. God inspired them to show us and they did. Return to the Jewish Disciples learning about the Jewishness of this people is the Key to unlocking the scriptures and returning to what God is doing and not what Man interpreted....And some body please show me how to add music to my page...cause I am sitting here just bouncing to the beat and the glory of the Lord...YESHUA! [as I listen to your music]

Sorry brothers and sister of every folk got a beat and we love to do our thang!

Bless you Pastor Alonzo Green Sr and all of the members who Love the God of Israel...Keep learning why he came to us...JEWISH!

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