Thursday, May 12, 2011


more....who will stand up with the loot? (for Julie)

Julie D. McQuiston

May 11 at 11:56pm Reply • Report

My trip is set for next week! The Lord has been blessing me so much...I must thank you all for your prayers, I know much of this must come from them! Thank you for praying for my blessing and favor!

I am running out of time to work ...If you can and feel so lead...I would be at my final goal of $ 800. if 34 people would donate/sponsor me $25. Dollars each...then I would be set.
LuV you all! In the Blessings and Grace of Yeshua our Lord!
Shalom!~ Julie

I pray that their is that one person or those people out here who will also JOIN us, be a part of the Kid's of the Kingdom serving one another. 

Yehovah please send those people to answer this call, in the name of Jesus, our coming Messiah, Yeshua of Nazareth....amen!

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