Thursday, April 21, 2011


Letter to everyone in my email list....I am exhausted with email. I am weeding out the hundreds of emails that I get daily...Un-subscribing to literally hundreds of stuff I get daily.

I am rethinking everything that I do as I too, try to pay bills and get from paycheck to paycheck.

I will be visiting churches on Sunday and building a relationship in one particular church. I am having fun but none of this is easy...

Thank You Elohim, my Abba for constantly guiding me even when I jump out ahead of you or allow my flesh to do the talking. It is you who are my God and it is your Son who I follow. I love it when you nudge me back to what you are doing with this life of mine....Thank you!


ElainaJoye said...

My Brother,
There is no better, greater, safer, more beautiful place to be in the world, than to be right where He has you...amen??

"Godliness with contentment is great gain"! If there is one gain to seek for.....I believe this is it!!!

May His Shalom that passes understanding be your barometer and guide as you launch out and respond to invitations and seek to minister the truths of His Torah. Blessings in abundance to you and yours always in Messiah Yeshua!


Lightscribe said...

The relationship are hard,one at a time sometimes thats all it takes.
I was able to relate to a young wome that was sing a song witH HALLALU YAH, SHE DID NOT KNOE WHAT THE WORD WS SAYING,SHE WAS EXCITED TO KNOW!