Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Note to the Lunatics (Please read after your meds)

Name for me the ancient kings and queens of the Palestinian people. Name for me the historical Palestinian, archaeological discoveries. While at it name for me the societal, academic and scientific contributions made by the historical Palestinian people. How about the armies of Palestine, the victories and losses of this ancient people and land.....Name for me specifically the atrocities committed by Israel concerning the Palestinian Arabs.
For example:
Name the last group of Israeli men who boarded commercial air planes in order to kill thousands. Name the Jewish men who climb into the homes of Palestinians (In the middle of the night) in order to kill the entire family, decapitating a three month old baby.
Name for me the last Jewish suicide bomber or Jewish mothers who strapped bombs onto themselves in order to kill innocent people....
Please name for me the last Jewish child who was made to wear a bomb in order to kill other children?
List for me the many, hundreds of Palestinian buses that Jewish people blow up killing the innocent.

Share with me the notable Jewish men who are blowing up and killing innocent people all over the globe. Of all of those Jewish men who try to set off bombs in New York or who shoot up our Military Service People on our military bases how many of them are at Gitmo? Tell me why is Israel firing rockets into Gaza daily and for ten years randomly trying to kill everyone? And can you please tell me when the last time the Prime Minister of Israel explicitly told the world that Israel is building nuclear weapons so as to wipe nations of the map?

Explain to me how the ancient land of Israel was renamed Philistia or Palestine. Speak to me about the lunacy of Emperor Hadrian and what he accomplished when wiping Israel off of the map 2000 years ago.

Share with me the Balfour Declaration and Churchill's infamous "White Papers"

For you so called supporters of the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians you have fast become to the most foolish of fools throughout the universe. Your insistence to not know history offers to the Arab world a sense of accomplishment over the Jerry Springer crowd formerly known as America!

Israel has the right to exist, has the right to defend herself, is the only nation on earth to be reborn and I will support not killing an entire nation over the madness of the Arab Jihadist always! Those of you who cannot see the lies and distortions make sharing this earth with you frightening!....Should those same Arabs be successful (which they will not) they will most certainly come for you next...and would you like to know why?  
They hate you as much as they hate Israel because they recognize just how idiotic you are. To them, you are like shooting turkey's in a barrel.....

To the God of Israel, please snap America out of stupid, protect Israel.
and make the Arabs who became Palestinians out of thin air go back to Jordan and Egypt

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Nadene Goldfoot said...

You are so right, Jeff with this very direct piece. Arabs are not being taught the truth about Israel or Jews at all. I hope this article causes some to start investigating and looking for truth.