Thursday, April 28, 2011

I am encouraged to promote my book by just about everyone who has read it

Today, I received a call from a Minister who was 74 years of age. He asked, "Why do you keep sharing that we have to know the Jewishness of Jesus? Jesus could have come from any race or people." [I receive emails and calls from all over the world.]

I shared with this very seasoned man of God my six questions [noted in the book] at which time he said, "Not much!"
(As has every Christian of the last five years of my life, EVERY SINGLE ONE!)

I begun to show the Hebraic patterns and reasons for the Festivals of the Lord as noted in Leviticus 23 (These were never Jewish) I also shared with him God's Calendar...Exodus 12, also never Jewish. God instructed Israel to teach the nations. He also was revealing that His flesh would come through the tribe of Judah, hence, the Passover lamb and reason for it.

We had a lengthy conversation, bibles in hand concerning God’s patterns, and how God’s festivals are in nearly every use of biblical dates, and Holidays or appointed times. I showed to him how God uses numbers to qualify a point as opposed to quantify a point and I showed to him Jesus (Yeshua) throughout the first five books, which the Greek word Pentateuch describes. This fact all by itself leads one away from what and who TORAH is.
This wonderful, seminary trained Minister of 40 years was stunned at the end of our phone conversation.

Here is what made the difference; He was ready to see the bible from a non Catholic/Christian perspective. All of the writers of God’s word were Jewish all are appointed by a Jewish Savior. Historically, the Jews are not all Jews. The Jews are only one twelfth of who Israel became as a result of the sons of Jacob (Israel) and the brilliant plan of Yehovah. Over the last 2000 years, we know Israel as Jewish and not Jacob. I see Israel as the center of everything occurring in creation.

My book, Un-Colors race, and religion for those who identify with the "Kids of the Kingdom." My book is a personal testimony of the genesis of my relationship to life, YHVY, and creation. Many have read my book. Of those who have contacted me, the most common statement I have heard is, “I felt like you were talking to me about me”

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I speak this blessing over you. May the God of creation illuminate His word in this hour, within your life!

Please join with me in prayer for those suffering the weather and tornadoes. The earth is crying out!

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