Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Let us give the Arabs a (p)alestinian nation! Let us take it out of Israel and then we shall say, "It is good"

Syrian President is killing every one:

Iran kills protesters

Yemen kills protesters

Saudi Arabia kills protesters

Libya Kills protesters[graphic]

Arab women stoned

Yes, my demonic friends.... let us create another Arab country out of another country and celebrate what will almost surely follow.
We will simply take the land from Israel and create another group of Peaceful Muslims along with their leaders. Let us form a Quartet of Four in order to accomplish this

Let us create a "New World Order" We will supply Iran with Nuclear weapons and put a leader over the West who will bankrupt the entire world's economy. Let us destroy the West

Young girl speaks of Arab rockets fired into Israel

Fogel family of Israel slaughtered

I wish this was satire, it is not.
Please pray that the Arab people are set free from the lie of hell and the deception that binds them.

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