Friday, April 15, 2011

Jesus was nailed to the doorway into God's eternal city, Jerusalem

God wrote His name upon his city and placed a door way into that city...His name is literally in the landscape of Jerusalem
Want to have your mind blown? Watch both of these presentations. You won't get this if you don't watch both presentations:

Rico explains the threshold blood covenant;;;Would you like to know why a virgin woman spills blood when a man enters her according to God's commandments......
or why God required blood on the door post in Egypt? He did not passover the Israelites he entered them....He married them!
Saturday March 12: Rico Cortes from El Shaddai Ministries on Vimeo.

Everything declares Yahweh, especially the female body which allows life to come out through a very narrow path...Pain in order to experience the absolute, amazing gift of life
Sort of like Moses leading the Israelites through the gorge to the Red sea [where God caused the pathway to open in order to deliver a people]

Are you seeing the comparison?

 If you don't know these letters and how they are used....
then their is much in the Holy Scriptures you are missing
What is worse...You think that what you know is amazing. If you knew what I know about these letters both ancient Paleo- Hebrew & Modern Hebrew you would [like me] find it hard to breath every single day of your life.

The church did not teach us any of this from a Hebraic concept or in most cases, at all because our church leaders don't know any of this! We accepted the lie that the Jews were replaced or that they rejected Jesus or that they killed him and disconnected from the people God calls his very own. Meanwhile and over time, the Jews rejected the gosh we are simply...children!!!
Gigantic, humongous, cataclysmic MISTAKE!

A Mezuza
Adam and Eve did not experience pain when they were created

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