Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Jehovah Dude

As I speak with Christians I realize adding a Hebraic message to what many already know simply illuminates their faith. This was true for me as well. Reflecting back to when our Father revealed to me [and continues to reveal] a more simplistic way to look at scriptures I realize that he is simply connecting dots. My whole life has changed because I truly do see him in a different manner than everything previously as a result of church teaching. However, Christians love the God of Israel and His son. We have this in common first and foremost.

When I share the understanding with fellow believers that I now have I am simply adding an insight that is exciting for all of us. The mistake that I have made is seeing and sharing on how Christianity got off track as a focal point. As I visit more and more churches I realize that I have something to offer as opposed to pointing fingers. Learning God's word requires also to learn constantly so as to serve the body and share the message of our coming Savior. The evolution of my personal walk with the Father continues and I love every minute of this experience. The best part is the people, you guys!

I was confronted by two Jehovah's witnesses yesterday. The fellow was insisting on Jehovah Witnesses being the true faith. I shot holes into what he was sharing and begun to share the scriptures from a Hebraic perspective, not Greek. The couple capitulated to what I  was showing to them. They had never heard anything that I shared. Soon, the fellow hurried his companion away from me and our conversation. The companion began to ask questions. Both were black folks, a man and a woman.

As I listened to him I couldn't help thinking, 'My gosh I hope that I don't sound like this when sharing the words of our Father.' When I returned home last night, I re-read many of my posts and realized...I do sound like the Jehovah dude! Well, back to the beginning. I will continue to learn from my Pastor, Mark Biltz how to do what he does. Perhaps I will never be as good as him [ and that's OK] but I don't want to be as bad as the Jehovah dude to be sure!

Pastor Mark said to me, "Everything that I do is to share the original Hebraic mindset of God's word with fellow believers, Christians and to build bridges...

This is the path I want to follow

Saturday April 16, 2011: "The Road to Emmaus" and The Gospels & Acts from a Hebraic perspective from El Shaddai Ministries on Vimeo.

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