Monday, April 18, 2011

I Can Only Imagine

I sat and watched the following video (from my email) today thinking, no one wakes up thinking this will happen to them. As I watched the magnitude increase, the water uplift and push everything out of its way I could not help but feel horror for those who lived through and who died this day. I pictured one day, any day the same happening in California, Oregon or Washington. As I write this I am looking at a saltwater shore line out my front window. I live in Puget Sound. The water is 600 feet or so from this keyboard. It is a beautiful place that I live.

A family has allowed me to live on their estate for several months..I don't know how to be grateful beyond the measure of these people. I have been these people to many in my life time. When it was my time of need God knew just who to introduce me to. I don't have words for the beauty of this place, it is two fold. It is very close to the ocean as well.......If the ground shakes and the water moves like the video below I cannot think of a better place to be with the people who Yahweh appointed for me to know, so be it!

We live in a bubble that often breaks. It seems to me that often is the wrong words these days. Frequent is more the norm in these difficult days of this human experience on the God of Creations world.

YeHoVaH, let your will be done. Cause us to return to you and your sovereign reign over all the earth.
 I was standing on the dock when I took this picture

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