Thursday, April 14, 2011

How God changed my belief system into biblical fact, July 2007

As we enter the Passover Festival I am reflective of when the Father opened my understanding of the Old Testament or Tenahk. So much has changed since July of 2007.

Here are some examples:

I know Jewish people all over the world. My understanding of the Holy Bible as well as the Jewish people has exploded. I did not know that Messianic groups were having conferences all over the country or much about the study of our Hebraic Roots to Israel and ancient Judaism. I had no concept of a Jewish Messiah nor did I know what the phrase, "Lion of the Tribe of Judah" really meant. I did not have a clue about solar & lunar eclipses, the new moon, counting the Omer, Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah or anything Jewish, certainly a Hebraic understanding of the bible was not even uttered to me previously in all of the years that I had attended the Christian church.

I will never try to convert Jews nor do I follow a Messianic mentality but rather, I am a Christian who is returning to the beginning. Looking at the word of God from a Hebraic point of view or original point of view.

I understand emphatically why the Jews do not accept our Messiah's first coming. (I disagree with this but I understand why) The Jews are not blind in the way the church has always fostered this position and Christians share the Gospel message but are quite blind about the bulk of the scriptures prior to the birth of Messiah.
For some reason our Messiah wanted me to see this issue with clarity and I do. The two groups who need one another the most are like twins in the womb fighting one another!

Learning about God's Biblical Festivals, understanding why God gave this information to the Jewish people  and learning how to read the bible from a Hebraic manner as opposed to a Greek/English translation has caused me to lose my breathe daily. Understanding that the God of Israel has offered to me a daily confirmation that He truly is in control of everything happening in His creation is mind blowing. Life and the reasons for it constantly reassured.

Knowing that the ocean tides was ordered, set into motion to communicate to us a host of clues as to how everything is done or how the pregnancy of a woman, the nine months of gestation are all showing to us an amazing plan moving to a fixed point in time. The plan revolves around and through the centuries, using the people who live through them. The Bible itself is a record, written in order for us to see how everything in creation is explained one way or the other. From the numbers listed in the Holy Scriptures to the calendar days or dates written, both are repeating special events, on the Biblical Festivals with a precision that is only realized as a result of a CREATOR. From the promised redeemer to the hell of an anti messiah, all will come to pass.... creation is screaming that these events are happening!

The more that I learn the more I realize how much I don't know. Equally, the more that I share this information especially with fellow Christians I see those who want to know more grab a hold of this and literally have a mind blowing change in their faith. I understand this. What is happening to my faith is that I no longer need faith, I have confirmation that God's word is unfolding every second of every minute all around me. I live, breath, eat and drink of His goodness every single day because, I am living, existing in His house.

What is the most perplexing to me, the most difficult to comprehend is how fellow believers in the God of Abraham insist on staying in religious tradition as opposed to stepping back from what we know in order to consider a greater revelation being revealed. In other words, YHVH is doing something huge but our religious education is keeping many from seeing what is occurring. I suppose this too, is the plan of YeHoVaH

Please consider my friend, Bill Cloud's commentary on what the Bible is revealing in these last days. (I have yet to meet Perry Stone)

The only way that I know how to communicate this to you is to say the following:

If you don't know why God created the Jewish people, why he commanded them to write the Holy Scriptures and why He came into this world as one of them....And if you insist on not learning any of this, please give your bible to someone else. What we know as Christian has led you/us so far away from the God of Israel that when the false Messiah comes it is more than likely that many will follow him like the German people followed Hitler. Many of you reject this completely but for 2000 years we have been taught a mixed message.

The Father keeps fine tuning how I do this or express this. The point being, deception has been taught to all of creation and was thrown into high gear [if you will] when the second temple was destroyed. The church is full of pagan practices, full of Babylon and Judaism is full of tradition and Babylon. Islam is full of hate and death..........

Many of you read what I just wrote and immediately think "Oh Brother!"
Some of you get it [Thank you Abba]
 2 Corinthians 11:3
But I am afraid that just as Eve was deceived by the serpent's cunning, your minds may somehow be led astray from your sincere and pure devotion to Christ.

Christ is a Jew in the flesh and his name meant salvation or Yeshua....Most Christians know absolutely nothing and I mean nothing about his Jewishness. This is the very thing that changed in 2007. Our Savior spoke to me audibly and said, "Learn why I was Jewish".............

Everything, EVERYTHING in my life has changed from that moment forward. In July of 2007 I know that I know, that I know, our Messiah showed me something fantastic while I was shaking the hand of Pastor Mark Biltz of El Shaddai Ministries. The only way to describe this is like having a computerized down load of information in a millisecond.

The King of Israel has put into my entire being to share this with you. I am not a teacher but, I am doing what He asked me to do. This is the very reason why this blog exists, my website, why I do radio and television interviews, why I wrote my book and why I speak to people when invited to do so.

I am having the time of my life. I trust Elohim for everything....So much has changed. Possibly the most significant change in all of this is I no longer live in pain. I no longer see life as one big, stupid mess.

My greatest difficulty in all of life is that I miss being married [not my marriage] and the days when my children were growing up.
Nevertheless, I see, touch and taste the most amazing experience, the most amazing gift that we call life with every single breathe that I take. I sit in front of this computer do what I do having jumped out of bed daily to get started! You all have to know this stuff and God has appointed a huge amount of people who are doing what I do all over this globe

God bless you all

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