Friday, April 22, 2011

The Easter Bunny and the Colored Eggs were not at the foot of the cross

The easter bunny and the colored eggs are a pagan practice celebrating the Goddess Ishta or Ishtar. This practice was MIXED into what God commanded the children of Israel to teach us and to practice. Jesus is the Passover Lamb who did not look for easter eggs and celebrate bunnies. I understand that most of us know what Resurrection Day is all about but most do not know the Feasts and the COMMANDMENT of the Father to honor his son via his word,

The easter bunny and the eggs have more to do with sexual orgies that were practiced specifically to contrast what God commanded the Jews to do. So Imagine the jews keeping God's commandment while the non Jews were having all sorts of sex with all sorts of animals, and same sex couples...This is what Easter means in the short  version to satan. He loves the fact that we mixed sin with Holiness

(s)atan always mixes his crap with God's Holiness. God wants us to be a set apart people not mixing truth with deception. We do both because we don't know the Jewishness of the God of Israel who taught us via a nation he created called the Hebrews...The Jews are ONE 12th of this nation. Do you know who the rest of them are? 


A small correction in the following Video

My Pastor, Mark Biltz is not a Messianic Jewish man. He is a former Catholic who began studying the Bible in its original language before Greek and before the Translation to English 30+ years ago. We do not call our selves a Messianic Congregation but a group of Christians who are studying the word of Yahweh from its original, God given context. Our Congregation is full of every denomination on earth and we have every race and several Pastors who attend on Shabbat and then attend their Sunday churches the following day. We are over 40,000 strong! A global ministry with over one million hits to our website monthly.ur Congregation is about 600 folks every Saturday in Tacoma, WA

People  download our videos  weekly all over this world and follow our services this way. We teach the Hebraiac root of Christianity to Christians from a Hebrew Perspective. Jesus was Jewish and we teach..WHY?
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