Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Church Has to Wake Up!

It continues to blow my mind how many Americans are literally unaware of the trillions of dollars funding Islamic Mosques within our country for the expressed purpose of over throwing the United States government. They have literally transformed many Ivy League colleges via so called "Muslim Cultural Studies"
In truth, the American higher education system has been hi-jacked by both socialism and radical Islam or Islam in general. My goodness, even the high school text books concerning American history are full of lies and yet taught to all American students at one point or another. I was reading one particular history book that my child was studying several years back. I was astounded by the out right lies that were written about President Ronald Reagan. I cannot remember the book or details but my jaw dropped in large part because it was not intimated or insinuated but absolutely false what I was reading.

 Bridgette Gabriel, founder of Act For America has a television show that shares an abundance of information concerning Sharia Law and the advancement of Islamic Jihad against America. The clip below is here from the show

As I speak to so many, many Christians I find one constant...most do not know the word of God, the Holy Scriptures. Many Muslims however know the bible intimately in particular, the so called "Old Testament"
Many Christians don't know what Muslims believe, have never looked into the Koran to see what is being taught to millions of people. The Islamic world hopes that Christians continue to "not know" It makes it easier on many levels for them to accomplish what they have been doing since 1928 via the Muslim Brotherhood.

Across the board, I am simply astounded as to what many, many fellow Christians simply do not know. I have asked myself and even God why? The answer I have come to accept is because most see God as their salvation. We hope and pray for his hand of protection an yet the bible commands us to do something. Not doing what the bible commands leads to judgment. The more that I learn, the more that I realize how much I don't know but of this I am sure.....The Christian community is in for an awakening that is perhaps going to be brutal, bloody and wrought with judgment and many, many don't know it.

Far too many fellow believers don't know God's word or the Holy Scriptures. They know Christianity and they love the weekly tradition of going to church, having bible studies and walking by faith but, they don't know God's word.

I was provided an opportunity to chat with a young visitor to our congregation yesterday. I was prompted in my spirit to engage him in a conversation. I asked how long had he been a Christian. He responded, "All of my life" I began to ask him several questions concerning Jesus. For the most part he could not answer any of my questions. I asked, is the goal to know the Lord? He readily agreed. I showed to him things in the bible about our Lord which caused him to gasp. I use this illustration because I ask these question to every fellow believer and all respond in much the same way. I am not trying to prove my point but rather share with believers how what we know is due to what is taught to us on Sunday.....What is taught is Christianity, not God's word! I am convinced of this having done this for five years now. Those who are restructuring our country are counting on Christians continuing to learn Christianity and not the Holy Scriptures.

Note: Obviously, I do not include every Christian believer in this analysis but certainly the majority to be sure.

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