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Christianity and the FLAT Earth at the CENTER of the Galaxy

Their was a time in the world when men thought the earth to be flat. We actually believed at one time that the earth was at the center of the galaxy. These classic mistakes have long since been corrected. What many don't know is that people were put to death for believing otherwise. The Jews were put to death for teaching all of us!

A particular book, "Copernicus and the Jews" by Daniel Gruber points out how like the mistakes above Christianity took a wrong turn and begun to teach God's word, the Gospel message or "Good News" lacking the Jewish construct. This was done on purpose due in part by the teaching of Marcion and by the Roman Catholic monk Augustine.The idea of Grace opposing Law was born from these two men. Later men like John Wycliffe, John Calvin, and Miles Cloverdale adopted a theology that furthered the distance between what was Rabbi Shaul's aka Apostle Paul message to Gentiles.

When you go back and start reading forward it is very easy to see how an understanding begun to influence the Christian church away from the Hebraic understanding of scriptures. I cannot tell you how many times fellow Christians have said to me, "Jesus was not Jewish!" This is how ingrained the absolute disconnect from our Jewish brethren is as a result of the left turn Christianity took thousands of years ago.

In today's world the Jews are little more than the people who killed Jesus or the people who are so blind to most Christians. Many Christian's practice "Replacement Theology" It is sort of built into how the scriptures are interpreted in all of Christendom. This is the very thing that blinds most Christians. It is a weird dichotomy to be sure.

Christians are learning scripture from the understanding that the world is still flat or that the earth is at the center of the galaxy and they simply don't know it. The analogy is absolute, the tragedy in knowing this is that much of the miracle of God's word is lost to the church. They cannot see the thematic structure of the bible, how brilliant God placed the hidden things in its construct. The Chiastic structures and the literary style of how God superimposed the obvious by hiding it in the Jewishness of his spirit. The simplicity of knowing the SEED and the kazillion ramifications...[Adam was a type of seed] God's word is a seed.

Christians don't know the numbering significance or the repeated patterns based on numbers found on virtually every page of scripture. How for example Jonah's three day death experience in the whale is related to Queen Esther's three day prayer and fast, Abraham's trek with his son Isaac for three days and ultimately Jesus's death on the cross. The bible is a series of connecting patterns woven in the lives of people all declaring the Glory of God and his word......I could spend a month sharing insight here that fellow Christians have never even heard before. It it remarkably sad to me

The ancient Jewish idioms that are pronounced throughout the bible are translated in the English in such a way as to change entire paragraphs, certainly concepts. The Jots and Tittles are not even translated in the English? The ancient Paleo- Hebrew or Proto-Canaanite (Picture Language) is not even taught in the Church. The Hebrew alphabet, God's alphabet, the Hebrew Calendar, God's calendar or the biblical Festivals commanded by God for us to observe are relegated to Jewish stuff and so we don't need to know these things! The very bible that the average Christian reads is also a Jewish thing but this is totally and completely overlooked, not even considered by most Christians. This left turn is so absolute one wonders, how on earth can we be so antisemitic to the Jews who taught us everything? The left turn is actually a lie and many Christians believe it, argue the point and are rather incessant to toss the Jews under the bus! It is a miracle to see this changing as many Christians are responding to what God is doing in HIS earth...returning all of us to HIS TORAH. This is what happened to me and it happened in a nano-second in 2007

In his wonderful book, "Yeshua a guide to the real Jesus and the original church" Dr. Ron Mosley like Daniel Gruber take us back to a time when the lie did not exist. Asking Christians to consider doing a double take is like trying to reposition the sun. Christians have it in their entire theology that being wrong or deceived is simply not possible. This is how absolutely brilliant the lie and the left turn have been.

In the face of that lie, Israel was reborn and is currently surrounded by enemies just like scriptures declared and most in Christianity do not see the enormity of this miracle and race towards apocalypse! I have, for four years now realized that if the Jews are truly blind.....Christianity had its eyes plucked out nearly 1800 years ago and simply does not know that the earth is not flat and the that it is not at the center of the universe. It is my prayer that Christianity go back and reconnect to the Nation of Israel and the people who became our elder brothers, Jesus was one of them!

Ezekiel 37:28 "Then the nations will know that I the LORD make Israel holy, when my sanctuary is among them forever."  
Hmmmm.....God seems to favor his land and his people! I think we Christians had better look around for our eyes so that we might see how absolute God is about the Jews and His land

Another good book to read:
Paul never became a Christian in the way that this is taught. He was restored to the Torah and took that instruction to Gentiles.....He was following a Jew named Yeshua. Yeshua did not change his Father's words he lived them perfectly. Rabbi Paul would not have followed anyone who did not observe sabbath, the festivals and or TORAH......
December, 20 2010 - Yeshua our Cornerstone-From the Torah through the Gospels, Acts & Epistles from El Shaddai Ministries on Vimeo.

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