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Who is El Shaddai Ministries?

A little more than ten years ago Pastor Mark Biltz, his wife Vickie, Norm and Sue Belliveau
began this ministry. 

[El Shaddai Ministries lost our beloved friend and faithful brother Norm Belliveau last year. He continues to be missed by all of us] 

The ministry is a global ministry who prefers to be known as a congregation that shares the Hebraic roots of Christianity. The Pastor prefers to not be known as a church due to the fact that the word itself does not properly reflect the assembly of God's people which began long before Christianity. The ministry is a TEACHING MINISTRY and does not function like many churches. 

Pastor Mark Biltz 
(Raised Catholic)

Those who attend El Shaddai Ministries are from every denomination that you can repeat. Many attend Sunday churches as well.  

El Shaddai Ministries does not attempt to convert Jews in it teaching. 
I personally think that trying to convert Jews to Christianity is possibly the most hateful and cruel thing the Church has done or tried to do over the last 2000 years. If you concern yourself with what God is revealing you too will agree totally, and completely! I am grateful, GRATEFUL for what my Elder Jewish brethren have endured so that any of us know any of this at all... "Pogroms" and hateful antisemitic realities that are the Jewish history is truly straight out of Hell! 
Why, to stop El Shaddai Ministries from existing! (And certainly the nation of Israel.) The pattern is repeating again.
Pastor Mark is credited with making a biblical discovery that has resonated around the globe. Click Here

Fox News (A Local affiliate in California) also did a story concerning the Eclipse discovery.
Click here
Click Here (part two)

What was the discovery? The eclipses follow in many, many instances the Biblical Festivals as recorded in the book of Leviticus chapter 23 They have done so for thousands of years. The biblical Festivals are actually appointments that were scheduled in God's plan for mankind. The Sun and the Moon send to us signals of appointments being completed or announced..reminders if you will that God is doing something or is soon to do something. The historical precision is truly...supernatural!

A must see:
Prophecy in the News interview

El Shaddai Ministries also presented to the world a series of DVD teachings concerning the Biblical Feasts. This set has literally, [in addition to the eclipse DVD] been the catalyst for making El Shaddai Ministries a global congregation. Many Rabbi's and Christian leaders look upon these DVD's as ground breaking. A bridge between both groups now exists as a result.
Click here to view El Shaddai Ministries on line store. Note: Almost everything can be heard via audio files along with the ability to print notes as well for FREE. Nevertheless, you can make purchases to get the DVD's. Obviously these cost a bit more to produce.

I cannot tell you how many Christians have had a radical illumination concerning their faith as a result of watching theses DVD's. Since I have been a part of this Ministry I have seen thousands of Christians come into a more in depth understanding of Israel and the bible as a result of both the Feast DVD's and the Eclipse discovery....The information will BLOW your Mind!!!!!! 

Moreover, it will open up the Holy Scriptures in a manner that is not revealed until such a time as this. God is doing incredible things but you have to know his Hebraic mannerisms or you cannot see...literally CANNOT see what is happening! Many follow Prophesy as opposed to the biblical patterns that are Hebrew Roots. It is how the Creator of all things does everything! Incidentally many Jews have known this for thousands of years...Some believe in Yeshua and some do not...all know who he was. Outside of this what do they believe is a better question?...Pastor Mark Biltz shares much on this subject. He too is grateful to our Jewish Brethren for what they have taught the whole world.

Since October 2nd 2010 the Ministry has put all of the sabbath services and Monday night studies on Vimeo or on line. Now people all over the globe can not only see the services via the video but you can hear what we hear as well. The global community is just as much apart of who El Shaddai Ministries.
In less than 11 years people from all over the world follow what is being taught via this medium. Long before the video link folks the world over were listening via pod cast.(Click onto anything you will be taken to archived messages and TORAH Portions where you can open and listen via pod cast.

We at El Shaddai Ministries are not a Messianic congregation. We do not teach the Two House perspective of who Israel is and or the tribes. What we share is who we are in Messiah as a result of being grafted into Israel where God will establish his Holy Kingdom. It is important to understand the Tribes of Israel and this biblical story. The depth of knowing this information is unlimited as is all of the Holy Scriptures. The Greek translation and certainly the English versions limited what is being revealed existentially. Christianity has really gotten a raw deal in my opinion. Actually, it is not an opinion I am stating a biblical fact!

Personally...I salute what Yeshua is doing and what YeHoVaH is revealing through the Ministry of El Shaddai....I get to talk to people all over the world as a result of how being here has changed everything concerning who our coming Messiah much to discuss and learn........

Now, start clicking

[Pastor Mark Biltz is a very humbled student of God's word. He has over 30 years of study concerning what God' has revealed to him. Pastor Mark is very passionate about sharing with fellow Christians things that he along with most of us are simply not taught in most churches]

Be blessed

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