Tuesday, March 1, 2011




                    Let me introduce you to you three amazing women:

Please meet

Dr. Diana Dye

Dr. Anne Davis 

Dr. Noreen Jacks

If you are interested in learning your bibles from a Hebraic perspective I recommend, HIGHLY recommend BIBLEINTERACT

Please consider learning from these women things that will take what you know about the God of Israel and illuminated your faith 100,000,000 fold! 
To every believing Christian I encourage you to see what these amazing women have to share...it will blow your mind! Trust me, what we are taught in the churches is very, very, VERY surface when we look at what is being revealed in these days.

I hope and pray that many of the hundreds of questions that I get each week will be answered collectively as you get to know these ladies...They know volumes more about the Hebraic Genius of how the Father's word from a Hebraic perspective trumps everything that we have ever learned in the translations.

May God bless you all

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