Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Foolish Jews and Foolish Christians occupy the same...STUPID!

My whole entire being screams to my Christian brothers and sisters....YOU are wrong in tossing Israel under the bus. You are wrong to not know the Jewishness [and all of the ramifications] of Yeshua, Jesus. YOU are wrong to not know TORAH and to have misunderstood the LAW.

To my beloved Jewish brothers and sisters in America, specifically American Jews of the J street horde or the Barbara Streisand idiocy. [I intended to be very brunt] You have to rethink the world you live in. Stop standing for nothing and celebrating Sodom & Gomorrah in your actions. A new attempt to annihilate all of you is near fruition.

Those among the Christian dinosaurs who support boycotts and the Palestinians are soon to be catapulted into hell while you sing the mercies of Jesus. You are clueless as to how this can be so.

Consider the following for information alone:

Chaos in the Middle East from J.R. Church on Vimeo.

Part two
Middle East Events from J.R. Church on Vimeo.

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