Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rico blew my mind yesterday

Rico Cortes, who is my friend (I have gotten to know him over the past 4 years) spoke yesterday at El Shaddai Ministries. I had several Christian friends come to hear him speak. The message that he delivered was possibly one of the most amazing things thus far that I have been taught since returning to the beginning or TORAH. He dropped a bombshell, literally, BOMBSHELL concerning "Threshold"
El Shaddai has yet to post the video presentation of our service yesterday. As soon as this is done...WATCH THE will blow you mind.

I have been learning this information for nearly five years, seeing the bible illuminated. Going back to get a better construct of both the era when certain books were written but also the implication(s) of many of the social attitudes and or idioms of the times. What Rico Cortes reveals about the customs and traditions of what a "Threshold" signified back in the times before and leading up to Jesus overflow a gigantic, huge hole in understanding BLOOD!

I will post the video in a second email as soon as it is available.
My Christian friends were shocked...SHOCKED! Even I am still reeling from what Rico revealed from God's word
THE AUDIO of Rico's visit click here

Our Elohim is opening up our understanding of his word in ways that are simply stunning!

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