Thursday, March 31, 2011

Reflection: Watching the enemies of YeHoVaH smack the living hell out of all of us

It is currently 12:05 AM, Thursday morning has arrived. I am not even sure of todays date. I am at this computer largely because of what is cascading over my thoughts as I lay in bed. I hurt my back a week or so ago, came down with a fever, runny nose, just miserable. Obviously, it is hard to sleep.

I have been roving over the things that my thoughts are always centered on. Namely, how is it possible for the American public,  who have celebrated this nation for  two centuries now able to watch the United States of America be dismantled from within. It is the most vexing thought in my entire being. Equally, how is it possible for a Judeo-Christian nation to watch Israel completely surrounded by hell itself and not see what is occurring right in front of all of us. The only nation in the history of the world to be revived. A modern day miracle unparalleled in human history soon to be attacked from all sides with weapons not known to mankind in 1973.
Yes , I believe God will intervene, yes I believe God has our back but his army is not a bunch of wimps, really!
In America, our "Free Enterprise" system, overwhelmed with debt. This nation is bankrupt. Some of you have 10 credit cards in your purse of wallet as I type this. The housing market collapsing like a house of cards, our military overwhelmed and exhausted while commodity prices skyrocket. Next to CNN and FOX news is God warning all of us. We don't even see his signs. Perhaps he should be on cable or XBox.

It is amazing to watch a coordinated attack against the liberty that God offered to this nation happening right in front of all of us. He blessed this nation and we are using that blessing like a toilet.

I can't help but think that God is waiting for us to do something both in Israel and America. Our only response thus far has been to watch this happen. and complain about gas prices and the Republicans and Democrats.

We went FOUR trillion dollars in debt in less than 2.5 years. The Presidency of George W. Bush began this convulsion of spend spend, spend. What our current president is doing is almost as if he is thanking the Bush administration for rolling out the red carpet so that  they could catapult the balance of what ever is left,  right off the map! Is any of this sounding familiar? Hmmmm, this has been said of Israel, too! America is under attack and her very blessings are what is being used against all of us.

Meanwhile, the Christian Church and the Liberal Synagogues of America are standing at the gate ready to hand the keys to Antiocus Epiphanes IV all over again. I am simply amazed at the walking of the plank mentality that is waking America every day!. The supporters of a two state solution in Israel are the plank, Useless pieces of wood! Israel has already figured out what keys to the city they will hand to a monster all over again, Judea & Samaria. I tire of hearing that Israel is under great pressure. A young boy named David was insulted in your history. He did not even think about pressure. He was incensed, remember?

Hell is walking out of the desert and we are damn near bowing to it? GAZA was forsaken, remember....?

God is waiting for all of us to pick up five stones again!

If I knew how to get 50 million of you to stand up, to say no...I would die trying to get it done. Where are you?
Please spare me the platitudes, I simply don't feel good. I am standing with God, with the Church, with Israel who will join me. This fight is epic, will be bloody and many are about to die. It is already happening. This did not exclude you. I am not going to quote scriptures most of you don't know any of them anyway.

Please, STAND up for the God of Abraham and do something.


Nadene Goldfoot said...

You and I are on the same wave-length, Jeff. We're going through the same agonies as we see the world going crazy. Let's hope there are others who are realizing the same things.

Cheryl Lewis said...

If people would only open their eyes and not just look, but see and pay attention to what is going on around them!!