Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Purim EARTHQUAKE, What next? Time to celebrate our Mochiach

The moon is supposed to be at its closet during the week of Purim...God said, I use the moon and the sun to send signals to you when I am doing something in my earth...(Paraphrasing Genesis)

Everything happening with this planet is happening because of who HE is, period!
(I am sitting on the edge of my seat watching Abba do what ever He will with absolute peace)

We live at the behest of the Creator and so too, in like manor do we die........
The loss of life is tragic, the loss of the wisdom in knowing who created all of this is worse.

I am going to celebrate the defeat of the Persian nut ball, Haman and the strength of Hadassah or Queen Esther as a result of her faith and love for ...ISRAEL!

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