Thursday, March 24, 2011

My friend Nadene understands what I understand

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pressure from Robert Gates on Israel and Missiles and Mortars

Nadene Goldfoot

On Thursday, when Israel was attacked by 10 missiles and mortars, Secretary of Defense Dr. Robert Gates was attending a meeting in Tel Aviv at the Defense Ministry urging Israel to work harder to achieve peace with the Palestinians to bring about a two state solution. He hadn't visited Israel since April 2007. He only attained this position in 2006. Sec. Gates received his doctorate in Russian and Soviet History. Prior to this position he was with the CIA for many years.

Nobody has worked harder or cared more about peace than Israel, but they're not about to pick up and leave, and that's what the Palestinians seem to really be after, not peace. I wonder if Gates has bothered to talk to the Palestinians in the same manner. Have the Palestinians been told to get back to the peace table that they walked away from? What is Netanyahu supposed to do? Have Mossad kidnap Abbas and bring him back?

What several of us fear is that Obama and his group will attack Israel next on the pretense of defending Palestinians when Israel reacts to all their shelling, which she will have to do. This is especially possible after seeing what is happening in Libya, which is not that far away on the west side of Egypt. USA, England and France never seem to care that Israel is being attacked constantly and that their citizens suffer from shelling, even though Gates said that no country would stand for that. This is a true statement but why did he say it? Is he goading Israel into a reaction or is he just being sympathetic and understanding? I really wonder being he is the one pressuring Netanyahu to make the peace and not Abbas.

Actions speak louder than words. Obama said we would not have men on Libya's land yet today we just learned that we have had men there scouting out places to bomb. It's all for humanitarian purposes, saving innocent lives that the countries have taken over the air space keeping the government of Libya out of it, but this could become a general pretext for going into certain countries and not others. Obama said we're not going after Gadaffi yet his son may have been killed already and Gadaffi's building has been targeted. We've heard a lot of promises in the last few years but the results have been something else. Promises have not been fulfilled.

Case in point that I cite is the talk he and Hillary gave to AIPAC.

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Nadene Goldfoot said...

Thanks, Jeff. I was amazed when I realized that you and I were thinking along the same path about this situation.
Nadene Goldfoot