Sunday, March 6, 2011

Jewish people know the Talmud and the Tenahk but they don't know Besorah

Besorah= GOOD NEWS

In the last 5 years I have learned a great deal about what and how Jewish believers believe. Many don't read the Gospels or know anything at all about the message contained. Many don't see the Messiah in the books of the TORAH as well.

What is simply amazing to me about this is that most Christians don't understand the Law or TORAH and many Jewish believers don't understand the Besorah (Good News that Rabbi Shaul taught) Even more astounding really is that both have contributions to knowing the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob...The Fathers of our faiths. Christians know a Greek concept of the bible but know very little about the so called old Testament and the Jews know amazing...AMAZING amounts of information from a Hebraic construct of course but don't know the Messiah. Please understand...I am generalizing because this is not true in every case but the majority represent well [in both views] DIVISION!

My opinion: If both came together to share with one another what God has taught to both the "Middle Wall of Separation" in the former glorious temple would truly be gone.
Ephesians 2:14
For he is our peace, who has made both one, and has broken down the middle wall of partition between us;

Believing Jews get highly offend when Christians overlook what they know. What they know dwarfs what Christianity teaches.

An analogy: One could take every doctrine found in Christianity and record them on the fingernail of a child. What the Jews know if painted in similar fashion would not fit inside the map of the United States of America. The problem...Most Christians don't know this!

What Christians know about the first coming of the Messiah causes believing Jews to grimace as opposed to learn. I understand now why this is so. The distinction is valid but the problem is that millions of Jews were slaughtered because of this distinction in the name of JESUS over the centuries. Were I a Jew, living in the fourteenth century I would be terrified of Christians. In fact, I would rather have been beheaded by Muslims than to be living among Christians. Jews suffered at the hands of both.

Nevertheless, the Jews have a history of missing the mark but teaching Torah. Every Christian opens the book and reads TORAH. Rabbi Shaul quotes the TORAH virtually every other sentence as an example!

I am reading a book entitled, "Yeshua, A Guide to the real Jesus and the Original Church.
On the back cover the following is stated: Jesus was a Jew who was born, lived, and died within first century Judaism." This is a fact of facts... The believing Jews know who he was but he did not fulfill what was prophesied in the understanding of the time. Because many Jews do not read the "Christian Bible [New testament] many don't know anything at all about what is written. Jewish Scholars do read it and know volumes about the Brit Hadasha..some believe it and some do not.

The Talmud is an amazing collection of unparalleled information I cannot tell you how many Christians say to me...the Talmud is heresy! Most having never read one word of it. The Jews on the other hand compare the Brit Hadasha [New Testament] to the second book of Mormon! Meanwhile the enemy of God is having a knee slapping time of it!

This is the problem...The enemy of God is moving against the Jew and the Christian. The Jew and the Christian live in sin towards one another and so the curses of D'Varim [book of Deuteronomy] follow both through the centuries. Their are Orthodox Jews who spit upon Christians and Messianic Believers and their are Christians who scream, "YOU KILLED JESUS" walking this earth. Sort of takes the commandment about loving our neighbors out from under God's humanity...It is his humanity right?

I tell Christian to learn because our ignorance murdered Jews. I ask Jews to have coffee and have a conversation...... 
Who in this world is willing to sit with the Jews? In this hour it better be the Christians. The Jews had better welcome those who are willing to Stand with Israel.

Learn from one another if you truly believe in the God of Abraham...Build a bridge why don't you! I am doing everything possible to encourage this but you have to join me.

A group of people has mobilized by COUNTRIES in order to kill all of us and they did so in the beginning of 2011 with Egypt and Tunisia....You are truly completely biblically illiterate if you cannot see what is happening........I could careless about the differences but I will die for Israel and Christians who join hands and keep the commandments! 

What comes is coming.....with rage


Don said...

Wonderful post! What a blessing!

Menashe said...

Why are Jews unaware of good news? The nation of Israel pre-dates the Christian religion, a Christians lack of nationality, by the claim of Paul (Eph 2), is procured/ rectified/ established by the sacrifice/ resurrection/ ascension of Jesus as part of a “new” covenant. The “new” covenant as clearly stated by the New Testament now clearly excludes BOTH Jew and Gentile from salvation if they are not a believer of Jesus:

Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned…..”For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life…..”I tell you the truth, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be condemned; he has crossed over from death to life. (Mark 16:16, John 3:16, John 5:24)

Ultimately Israel will be redeemed from her suffering and her sins will be wiped away (Deuteronomy 32:43, Isaiah 44:22, Jeremiah 31:33, 33:8, 50:20, Ezekiel 36:25, 37:23). At that time Israel will be exalted, the light of God will shine upon her head, and her everlasting righteousness will be revealed to all (Isaiah 24:23, 35:10, 51:11, 52;10, 12, 60:1 – 3, 19 – 21, 61:11 – 62:3, Jeremiah 33:9, Zephaniah 3:20). These prophecies all affirm that the expiation of Israel’s sin and her ultimate exaltation will only take place at the time of her physical redemption and restoration to the land.

Menashe said...
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Jeff Morton said...

Everything has to do with Israel...Jeremiah 31:31-40
Ezekiel 37:15-27I could along with Menashe list hundreds of scriptures that declare this to be so...I could also show the death, resurrection of yeshua in the Torah as well...The theme is found on virtually every page of Moses's account having been given the written TORAH

Menashe said...

I could also show the death, resurrection of yeshua in the Torah as well...

Love to be able to see you do this!!!