Sunday, March 20, 2011

If you are filthy rich?

If you are filthy rich and looking to donate money or if it is in your heart to bless my website and you are independently here
[My website, Hear & Obey....needs a face lift!]

I want to redesign the entire website and your contribution will take care of all of that....
The problem: When I look into my wallet I see a black hole

Well, why not simply ask...
I asked Elohim and now I am asking you...
Who ever responds first that's who I will use....(wink)
If neither of you respond well...I will have the answer one way or another right?
Man oh man do I love this thing that I do...Thank you ABBA!

And I love all of you guys too......!

Those of you who know me personally, know that I live according to what my Elohim provides and so far he has used all of you...You also know that I am just this side of ZEALOUS when it comes to doing what I do, hehehehehe!

.Thanking him for my books sales and recent employment. My gosh it has been a difficult three years...Some of ya'll know what I am taking about!

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