Thursday, March 24, 2011

I think Glenn Beck is right or close to right concerning, ISRAEL

As we all watch the situation occurring in the Middle East in particular the rush into Libya for humanitarian concerns, I am convinced even more so than before that Israel is being set up to retaliate against GAZA. I watched Glenn Beck today, he tied together something that I have been puzzled by for weeks now. Why are these Islamic nations rising up?. In contrast, why are the attacks on Israel ramping up?

I think plans are being made to invade Israel with a coalition of nations, Libya a precursor. I truly think that should Israel return to GAZA in order to stop the attacks the world will treat Her in much the same way it is treating Libya, STOP GENOCIDE of Palestinians (Which we all know is an outright and outrageous lie). I fear that we are about to see an attempted Genocide of Israel.

This is happening with lightening speed.  I think Turkey is being set up to lead a coalition of nations against Israel and the United States is exiting the conflict that perhaps under this government is creating. I don't live an die by watching Glenn Beck, really I don't, but I think he is right or certainly close to being right.

Watch the attacks on Israel increase....This is almost certain. Having said the previous...The Attacks on Israelis will increase substantially in the coming hours and days...not months...God Help Israel and her people. I am convinced that Israel is being set up. Furthermore, I am convinced that Turkey will lead a coalition against Israel....Please pray...Actually, I think we need to enter into constant/continuous prayer for Israel.

With respect,
Jeff  Morton

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