Saturday, March 12, 2011

How much humiliation is enough?

 Victor is a personal friend, great writer, and one who clearly understands the world wide lies concerning the Jewish people, especially those who believe in the God of Abraham! This epic battle is looming....all of hell is attempting to take away Jacob's inheritance! Meanwhile, many Christians believe that they shall escape this battle....My gosh how deceived we have been for 2000 years now!

Victor Sharpe

The days pass and Muslim and Arab aggression grows more blatant and deadly. The world becomes less and less friendly towards the Jewish state, and the imposition of a statelet to be called Palestine, inserted into the Jewish people’s very biblical and ancestral heartland, looms ever closer.

In turn, Prime Minister Netanyahu, who is under suffocating and brutal pressure from President Obama, the EU leaders, the so-called Quartet, and the ever morally compromised United Nations, reportedly plans in May, 2011 to appease yet again this constellation of hypocrites by offering a “peace” plan, which will give away more land in Judea and Samaria (perhaps enlarging Area ‘A’) to facilitate the creation of an abomination called Palestine. Netanyahu’s caveat that the Jordan Valley would be policed by Israel has already been met with a contemptuous rebuttal by the Palestinian Authority. As always, they want it all and Obama’s will certainly back them to the hilt. Israel’s government response, alas, can be characterized as humiliation piled upon humiliation.

Even as Israel is falsely perceived by much of the world to be obstructing peace, especially as the international media and so many national leaders still believe that democracy is on the march in the Arab and Muslim Middle East and North Africa, the United States and Russia continue to arm Lebanon, of all places, with new deadly weapons, which they have been doing so since 2008. They do this knowing full well that these weapons fall into the hands of Iran’s proxy, Hezbollah; yet any murmur of protest from Israel’s government, then or now, is as attention getting as pounding a desk with a feather.

Here is another example. Those repeated farces, known as truces between Hamas and Israel are what they always have been: an Arab lie. The three politicians, whom the Israeli people earlier endured, Ehud Olmert, Tzippi Livni and Ehud Barak, bought into such deceptive Arab ploys. And the same deception today befuddles the minds of too many Israeli politicians including, in particular, the ever present, Ehud Barak. Back in 2008, when Hamas announced that a so-called six-month ceasefire and farcical truce was over, the same Ehud Barak pleaded with them to continue the farce. Again, yet more humiliation.

How many times must it be restated that no Muslim entity, especially Hamas, will ever honor any agreement made with non-Muslims. Peace treaties between Muslims and non-Muslims (infidels to use the arrogant Islamic lexicon) are no more real than mirages in the desert. Such injunctions related to infidels are in the Koran and Hadith for all to see, except, of course, to many of those who lead Israel and choose not to see the obvious for fear of upsetting the Obama regime or the international cabal that forever favors the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians. This cabal chooses to fraudulently blame Israel for no movement in the “peace process,” while exonerating the real perpetrators of an implacable rejection for a true and lasting peace – none other than Mahmoud Abbas and his cronies in the Palestinian Authority. So again, it is the Jewish state that is humiliated.

Hamas uses every illusory ceasefire to build up its weaponry and defenses, while the Israeli people suffer from intermittent shelling and missile attacks from Gaza. Now, the missile barrages, ever growing in intensity and lethality, recently struck Israeli civilians as far as Beersheba, while the Arabs look at the Jews’ timid response with derision and contempt. The Israeli policy of only retaliating against each Arab provocation and atrocity is a recipe for continuing disaster and Israeli humiliation. The Jewish state should return to the policies of the early 1980s when Israel attacked and attacked, always keeping the Arab aggressors on the defense and in disarray That way is the right way.

The Israeli Supreme Court, a leftwing repository if ever there was one and which is inimical to Israel’s best interests, declared at the time that in the course of responding to Arab aggression from Gaza it is illegal to fire back if it meant endangering “innocent” Arab civilian populations, thus rendering retaliation against Hamas and Islamic Jihad nigh impossible – the terrorists, after all, always hiding behind the skirts of their used and abused womenfolk. Meanwhile, the Arabs deliberately continue aiming at Israeli civilians.

If Israel had fought such a war in 1948, then the state would never have been reborn. Over 60 years afterwards, Israel sadly no longer stands as the symbol of pride and pluckiness that so many in the world once respected. This is also the fault of almost non-existent official Israeli PR – a task left to stalwart and unfunded patriotic pro-Israeli writers to fill.

Israel, under successive weak governments since the last steadfast administration of Yitzhak Shamir was in power, now stoops low like the persecuted Jewish victims of the last two millennium without a land or a government and army of their own to defend him. So too, forced always to survive in the face of relentless Arab and Muslim aggression, but fearful to strike back decisively at the Arab tormentors, Israeli governments seek that delusional opiate called "peace," which is but a bitter herb. Peace and justice are still noble words but their meanings have been terribly tarnished, perhaps terminally so, by their misuse at the hands of legions of boycotters, Israel hating leftists, and anti-Semitic miscreants masquerading as anti-Zionists.

The present Netanyahu administration seems not to resist external pressure - specially from Obama - but prefers instead to lean at the behest of Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, with growing brutality upon the pioneering Jews in Judea and Samaria, the salt of the earth, by pushing them to abandon their homes, villages and farms in the Biblical heartland;  done in order to make most of Judea and Samaria judenrein so as to appease the wicked world and create a new and lethal Arab state within Israel’s very heart.

The “two-state solution” will be for the Jews of Israel a new “final solution.” Within the mere fifty miles, which is the width of Israel from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River, a hostile Arab state will emerge. What southern Israel has endured from Gaza will be repeated exponentially from what will become the Arab occupied hills of beloved Judea and Samaria. Israel will be mostly reduced at its most populous region to a nine-mile-wide border; an insanity within lines once called by Abba Eban, "the Auschwitz borders." Humiliation will give way to annihilation.

Is the present generation doomed to witness the beginning of the destruction of the Jewish state; a destruction primarily self-induced by sad and sorry leaders? How long before a leader restores the Jewish state to a condition of pride in itself and a terror to its enemies? We know it is hated by the world, even though it conducts itself in a more humane way towards its implacable and barbaric Arab foes than any other nation has ever done or would do.

Is it not better then to do what it must to survive, knowing that it will be hated anyway? Is there any purpose served in trying to be liked by such a world? Must Israel heap more humiliation upon itself in order to win brownie points from a world that scorns it and wishes it dead? Have not all the past examples of the world’s deceptions and intrigues against the Jewish state taught Israel’s present leaders anything? Alas, it would seem not.

Let this era of humiliation end speedily in our time. Let all pray for a leader like Judah Maccabee to arise and once more restore to all who love and cherish Eretz Yisrael (the Land of Israel) reason to feel pride and hope again, and for its enemies to be scattered like chaff in a divine whirlwind.

Victor Sharpe is the author of Volumes One & Two of Politicide: The attempted murder of the Jewish state.
Ω Victor Sharpe 2011


Moshe Sharon said...

An Arab from Gaza and a self-confessed member of Hamas once asked me, “How can we have peace?” I though it was a strange question coming from a terrorist. When I asked him if he was ready to recognize Israel's right to exist, he answered, “There is no such country as 'Israel'; there is only Palestine, my country.” That's why negotiating peace with Hamas or any other Arab faction is a fool's errand. In this man’s mind, Israel’s right to exist is not an issue because there is no Israel; there is just a large, well-armed group of space-occupying Jewish squatters, who deserve death. Furthermore, every U.S. president keeps saying the same mantra, “They [Palestinian Authority] must recognize Israel’s right to exist.” Correction; they must first recognize that Israel exists. Actually, somebody forgot to tell all of the politicians that we Jews don’t need their permission to exist as a nation; G-d gave that to us at Mount Sinai. Http://

Jeff Morton said...

EXACTLY...Now tell your leaders to stop giving away your inheritance.