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God can and does open up our understanding why are Christians, many, rejecting the unlimited God of Creation?

 A good friend of mine, who has attended a bible study for YEARS is sharing what has happened as a result of her responding to God showing her why she had to know more about Jesus the JEW. The ladies in her bible study who have all watched their children grow up together are rejecting what God is showing to my friend without investigating anything at all that is being shared.

[I wrote the following article before my friend shared with me what had happened during the bible study just today (I posted this on a favorite social network]

As I read through some of the articles posted in here ONE thing is consistent
(I mean no disrespect)
The emotion and feelings that are often the cornerstone of HOW many Christianity relate to our Abba is almost nauseating! 

Whole heartedly sad.....I love your faithfulness but the bible is not about what I read in here. (I did not know any of this either until 5 years ago but now that I have added to what I have learned...Well, its like day and night.

Many Christians who I absolutely love won't even consider knowing more about why the Savior came to all of us...Jewish! What is shared in Sunday churches never even addresses this fact in depth..... or teaches the original scriptures.....written in Hebrew!

God is doing something amazing and many in the church are sitting ducks and don't have a clue. Many have no idea what the Jewish believers have been teaching for centuries.

I hear your hearts and your faith and the belief that is well represented in your words but the Holy Scriptures are telling us about God not how to be better people! The scriptures are written in a manner so that one can see Yeshua and what He is doing...IT HAS NEVER BEEN ABOUT US.

The entire bible is a book of glaring revelation about the Father and his son restoring the Covenants made with Israel and those grafted into this family...Christianity has so blinded us to this amazing revelation.

Many of you will see this as something horrible to express...Meanwhile God is judging the earth and many of you have no idea that we are being made ready for CORRECTION! The Bible reveals patterns, over & over again...Everything is circular. All of it centers around Israel!

Those of you who get this or hopefully will challenge how we have been taught will LEAP ahead of your understanding of the bible if you will RETURN TO THE TORAH which never meant LAW {This is what you have been taught for 1900 is not the truth!}

What do the numbers mean in the bible?
What is God's calendar revealing?
What is the reason that Jacob had 12 sons?
Why Five loves of bread and two fish?
Why bread and wine?
Why the baker and the cup bearer concerning Joseph (Shadows of Yeshua)?
Why was Dinah raped and why when only six sons born to Jacob, not all twelve?
Who is Phineas, the priest of war how does he represent a dress reahearsal for Jesus (Yeshua)?
Why did Abraham tell sarah to make a meal when Jesus (Yeshua) and two angles walked up?
Why did Moses cover his face and how does that represent the veil over all nations?
Why do lunar and solar eclipses follow God's Festivals?
Why were their four lunar eclipses in one year when the Jews were kicked out of spain, 1492  both temples destroyed, when the Jews were kicked out of England (1290] At the start of World War I, when Hitler declared his "Final solution to kill the Jews, When Israel re-took Jerusalem 1967?????
Why did Esther Pray for three days?
  • Abraham journey with Isaac for three days?
  • Jonah in the fish for three days?
  • Jesus (Yeshua) in the ground for three days?
  • Why 12 spies, 12 tribes,  12 disciples, 12 months on the Hebrew Calendar
  • Why 7 days of the week, sabbath on the seventh day, 7 oceans, 7 continents, seven spirits of God, 7 bowls of judgment, 7 candles on the menorah

WHY DON'T most of usknow any of this...They all represent Jesus (Yeshua)

We don't know this because we know Christianity and not God's word

I could write 30 pages of stuff here...what does it mean and how does all of it tell you what God is doing right now in his earth? He is blaring warning...Screaming warning all over the earth with VERY SPECIFIC events and many of you...don't know any of this

The Church is neutered \ just like Lot was...without a voice and the bees are disappearing just like the book of Ruth said would happen. The bees carry honey and pollinate 90 percent of all plants
 The church took the Gospels in the same way both are disappearing just as was foretold.


With Love as well as urgency!

Christians know CHRISTIANITY, not God's word

 I used to believe the very same thing but a revival of God's word is happening.....will you cling to what you have been taught or will you investigate what God is doing?

The title of this post is the result of speaking with fellow Christians over the course of nearly five years. I have come to realize that most who call themselves Christians...don't know the Holy Scriptures! Many know the books of  Rabbi Shaul, aka Apostle Paul. My beloved brothers and sisters know his writings from a Christian perspective rather than the Jewish, historical person who was teaching or re-examining, to use a better term the 1st part of God's scriptures. The Bereans, for example were comparing Rabbi Shaul's writings to the Torah and the books of the Prophets.. the so called New Testament did not exist. Most fellow Christians were taught that Rabbi Shaul became a Christian. The Jewish Rabbi not only remained very Jewish [as did the Disciples] but died a Pharisee who understood the culmination of what the Prophets foretold. Like Moses' restoration of TORAH to the descendants of Jacob, Rabbi Shaul restored as well as introduced the Living TORAH to the Gentiles.

The Messiah did come and he did represent the Spoken and the Written word.....perfectly. The Messiah did so in the flesh. His sinlessness is the result of a perfect spoken word, written word and living word. Neither can contradict the other. He was never Old & then New for example. Christianity teaches and old book and a new book or an old God and a new God. Even still, a Jewish faith and a Christian faith....The problem, not one of the writers of God's Holy Scriptures were...CHRISTIAN.

Many fellow believers do not know the 1st 3/4 of the Holy scriptures nor do they see the story that unfolds. Many see what they have been taught and many follow how their respective denominations or non denominations teach. This week alone I spoke to several Christians friends who were literally shocked...I MEAN shocked at what I was able to share with them while reading the scriptures. I have been privy to this sort of thing for as many years. I unapologetically declare that Christians know Christianity but they don't know God's holy scriptures on the whole!

Jesus was a Jewish man...Every believing Christian is following a Jew. Every believing Christian reads from the scriptures written by Jewish hands, inspired by the King of the Jews, the LION of the TRIBE of JUDAH. He is in the beginning and the end (of the plan)

Many don't have a clue, respectfully about anything Jewish accept for what their respective denominations or non denomination teach. Most have never been in a Synagogue or heard the Rabbi's... Messianic or Orthodox teach the scriptures. The reason for this is because of what we were taught about the Jews. What we were taught about the Jews is not even in the scriptures but it is well entrenched in the belief of many, many Christians.

Jesus kept all of HIS festivals...none were exclusively Jewish (Leviticus 23 clearly points this out twice in fact!)
1. (1-3) The Sabbath.
And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, "Speak to the children of Israel, and say to them: 'The feasts of the Lord, which you shall proclaim to be holy convocations, these are My feasts. Six days shall work be done, but the seventh day is a Sabbath of solemn rest, a holy convocation. You shall do no work on it; it is the Sabbath of the Lord in all your dwellings."
Most Christians have no idea or concept why these holidays exist!
I always ask...How did Noah bring in the animals to the ark? Virtually every Christian responds, "By twos"
Genesis 7:2

Of every clean beast you shall take to you by sevens, the male and his female: and of beasts that are not clean by two, the male and his female. What laws existed before Moses to declare clean and unclean? The answer is God is the law, the commandments, the statutes.These are what made the dirt sit up and speak!

God did not fulfill himself and make 3/4 of his word obsolete...Christianity did this! Christians know Christianity, not God's word.

I can list 20 pages of information here to drive this point home but I am not trying to prove anything....I am simply showing what we cannot see because many of us know Christianity and not the Holy Scriptures

Earlier this week I was able to share with several people who Love the Lord...I showed to them who he is not or what Christianity teaches. The illumination caused tears. I have seen this happen for nearly five years. I am amazed, truly amazed at what the God of ISRAEL is doing to undo what we have done...

Challenge what you have been taught...Return to the voice that caused the dirt to sit, stand and walk.
Jesus was Jewish and so was his Mother, earthly Father, life style and religious practices. So too, were the disciples. Watch and see [or hear] the facts from the SCRIPTURES!

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